Surgery Hartline Antigua

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Post by Kate Wallace Wednesday morning, just before the birds would wake us all, the earth began to move…literally! Some awoke to their beds shaking. It was a real, live earthquake with a 5.1 magnitude! Others of us were too tired to feel it. The Floridian writing this post was... Read More
Post by Kate Wallace   Fatigue has begun to set in after a long day of operations Monday. Nevertheless, spirits remained high and everyone was eager to have another great day of successful surgeries. The initial surgical numbers I reported have since been revised- Monday’s first surgery... Read More
Post by Kate Wallace Monday morning greeted us with beautiful vistas of the mountains in the distance, just like the day before. We all assembled in our breathtaking surroundings for our daily devotion after breakfast. Rev. Hatch confessed to our team that as a pastor of 34 years, there... Read More
Post by Kate Wallace Over the weekend, all 39 members (representing FL, GA, TN, TX, NY, IL, CA and Kelowna, Canada!) of Team 498 made it to Antigua safely, and for that, we are grateful. Saturday afternoon the team met at Faith in Practice’s convalescent home, Casa de Fe, for an orientation... Read More