Surgery Woolf Antigua

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Post by Liz Franzen   Today was sadly our last day in surgery. We had 15 operations. We had a full ward and many have left the hospital and already returned home. As we did the rounds this morning, I was so impressed by how many patients were up and smiling. They were working hard for our... Read More
Post by Liz Franzen Today was a big day, we had 17 surgeries. I got to spend a lot of time with Luciana. She was a sharp little girl. When she was in the pre op room, she bravely commanded that she had questions for the doctor.  She wanted to know when she would be going home. When told... Read More
Post by Liz Franzen   Today went wonderfully. We had 15 surgeries! We started the morning spending some time with our patients from yesterday. They were ready and excited to try out their new hardware. The team of physical therapist were here to help. Most were able to get up and move... Read More
Post by Liz Franzen   Today was our first day in the OR, we operated on 14 patients. Being an outsider to the medical field, it was a completely new experience. It truly takes an army to complete the procedures. In one OR alone, we had two orthopedic surgeons, an anesthesiologist, a scrub... Read More
Post by Liz Franzen   For the surgical team here today, it was a day of many faces. It was what the team calls triage day. Patients have traveled from all over Guatemala for the chance to meet with our team and with the hope that they will receive the life changing surgery they have been... Read More
Post by Liz Franzen   As we boarded a bus full of strangers and embarked over the hills of Guatemala, I had little to no expectation of what today would hold. While weaving thru traffic with motorcycles filled to the brim with families, we came to appreciate the multitude of talents the... Read More