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Post by Alex Moore The final day is over. It is now time for the team to relax, celebrate the work we have done, and finally get some sleep. This day, like all the others, was filled with high points and lows, laughter and tears. Our time in Guatemala is nearing a close, and I, as blogger,... Read More
Post by Alex Moore At a lower elevation, Morazan sported high humidity and temperatures approaching 100ᵒF.  The support staff constantly moved from clinic to clinic, providing cold water and wet towels for providers. Even so, the heat was a major inconvenience throughout the day.   The... Read More
Post by Alex Moore   Tuesday provided a larger crowd of patents, yet Team 494 handled it with relative ease. The gifted medical providers moved laterally throughout the separate clinics, ensuring that there were no bottlenecks in any part of the process. The pharmacy team, in full stride,... Read More
Post by Alex Moore   Team 494 arrived at the facility early this morning, greeted warmly by many Guatemalans anxious to meet with the medical staff. After a quick communal peptalk, the volunteers split up to attend to their duties. Despite the crowd of patients waiting to be attended to,... Read More
Post by Alex Moore On Saturday morning in the Casa de Fe, Linda McCarty gives a presentation to the members of Team 494. Though she speaks with clarity about Faith in Practice’s many wonderful programs, this blogger’s eyes have strayed to the Mayan mother playing with her young daughter in... Read More