Village Robinson

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This week was an amazing week and one filled with stories and patients you need to ask people about and ask for their personal stories.  But for those of you who are numbers people like myself, here are the final stats. 2184 patients total seen (207 adult males, 534 adult females, 273 in... Read More
Day four began again at 5:45am.  (Apparently that was our get up time for the week).  We started with a devotional led by a team member who was born in Guatemala.  We talked about showing the love for the patients and them showing love to us in return.  We also reminded each other that we... Read More
Day three was started again at 5:45am with a devotional dedicated to a past team member who had passed away and his legacy teaching us all that we are superheroes and what we are doing here is so important and makes us heroes in the eyes of the people of Guatemala.  With that, we ventured... Read More
Day two was started again at 5:45am with a devotional reminding the team to rejoice and be glad in the day.  ("This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.")  When we arrived at the village the line seemed longer than the day before and the weather was hotter and... Read More
Day one was started at 5:45am with devotions reminding the team to pace ourselves and not exhausting ourselves on day one as we had patients who deserve the same energy and care on day four as the first ones that we see.  We as usual were greeted with a long line taking triage about two and a... Read More