Village Rigo

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Last night a beautiful, orange harvest moon rose over the trees on our way to dinner.  The sky was clear for the first time this week and the rains from the last two days seemed to have made everything fresh and new again.  The reality is that in many areas outside this protected Disney like... Read More
Today we continued studying the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the amazing theologian who died for his beliefs.  He set the bar very high for those of us who profess the name of Christ. Waking up this morning, I thought about this team and all the others I have seen and been a part of through... Read More
We don’t usually perform plastic surgery in the dental clinic, but today we did.  Yesterday 6-year-old Kimberly Magdalena fell on the steps at the grocery store and cut a deep gash above her eyebrow.  She traveled with her mother and baby brother by bus to the national hospital a couple of... Read More
At San Bernardino today we were met by long lines of people, some of whom had traveled for several hours to reach the clinic site.  It was easy to see even from a distance that many of those waiting were not from the local area because they were dressed in the colorful traditional clothing of... Read More
The day started early today with wake up calls at 5, devotionals at 5:30, breakfast at 6:00 and on the bus at 6:50.  Yes, that is A.M.!  Everyone agreed at breakfast that the peacocks got up about 4:15 AM to start their incessant calls.  Hard to describe exactly what a peacock sounds like but... Read More
From the gardens of the hotel, birds were singing and a woodpecker or two tapped in the old gravilea trees, a reminder that this beautiful hotel garden area close to the center of Antigua was once a coffee finca (farm).   About 98% of Guatemala’s coffee is Coffea Arabia that needs shade, so... Read More