Surgery Johnson Reu

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Today was our last day serving at Hilario Galindo Hospital. Although it has been a busy week full of emotion, the team worked with the same enthusiasm and energy as if it was the first day. And so the week came to a close with a total of 80 surgical procedures performed and over 110... Read More
Seventeen surgical patients today. Forty-five in total since the Johnson surgical team started serving on Monday. ENT, Gynecology, General, all life changing surgeries for the Guatemalan poor. It is touching to see, time after time, the smiles of the team surgeons, Keyhani, Wages, Clawser,... Read More
It is truly remarkable to witness how the patients touch the volunteers’ hearts. Smiles as the volunteers take their patients from pre-op to surgery. Smiles as they bring their patients out of surgery and into post-op. Hugs and tears of joy as the doctors talk to family members letting them... Read More
MONDAY - “Until one of us is gone.”   It is so difficult to choose from the many patient stories that surrounded the team today but I have to share the story of Oralia. At 59 years old, and having given birth to seven children, Oralia suffered from a prolapsed uterus for years. But you... Read More
Triage Day The day started with the early morning devotional by Barbara Retzloff. During the devotional, she asked: “What did you see yesterday as you walked through the hospital?”  As I thought about this question, I remembered the moment when I walked to Casa de Milagros, Hilario Galindo’s... Read More
We have arrived! The Johnson Surgical Team has made it to Hilario Galindo Hospital in San Felipe, Retalhuleu and it is excited and ready to serve. Shortly after we arrived at the hospital, our team leaders Dr. Phil and Linda Johnson along with Hilario Galindo Surgical Program Director Rachel... Read More