Village Providence

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Together we were a mighty team, one of the largest medical village teams Faith in Practice has formed so far, made of total of 37 doctors, nurses, pharmacist, dentist, translators, leaders and support staff. Some of us were volunteer veterans with vast experience from previous trips, some... Read More
There are so many stories to tell from the medical mission in Guatemala. Each patient comes with their pain, life circumstances, as well as an incredible strength and will for life. One of those people that touch all of our hearts was Maria. She was the first patient Julie Doyle, NP saw on... Read More
The VIA Cryo Program by Julie Doyle, Nurse Practitioner There is a program, working alongside our team that deserves many accolades. The VIA Cryo program has operated in accompaniment with our Providence team now for the past three years, since the inception of the Providence Village team.... Read More
In addition to the staff and the U.S. volunteers, missions like ours won’t be possible without the local volunteers organized by Faith in Practice and MTI. Their tireless work around the clock beginning long before the teams get to Guatemala and continuing long after the medical mission is... Read More
It was day four of our trip but the first one we were actually seeing patients. We gathered at 5:30 am, grabbed a quick breakfast and climbed on to one of two smaller buses (the ones we drove here with couldn’t have made it up the gravel curvy road to the mountainous village of San Sebastian... Read More
Day three started at 5 am -- a long seven-hour journey on bumpy, curvy roads from Antigua to Chicaman, our basecamp for the next four days. The images of tropical green forests, small villages, the Sunday market at Santa Cruz, women carrying babies on their backs, dressed in colorful bright... Read More