Surgery Hartz Reu

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It is amazing how God works in Reu. Team Hartz is doing a marvelous job.  They give their experience, wisdom and hard work to Guatemalans, and they get genuine smiles in return. It is hard breaking to hear a 78 years old man asking how soon can he go back to his corn field?. The reason been... Read More
The climate in Reu is humid and hot, actually is typical of the season as we approach the Holy Week (Semana Santa).  I was able to sneak near the operation Rooms to check how many patients will have surgery today. Well, I counted 17. The team is amazingly working as a excellent lubricated... Read More
First of all, we all made it safely to Guatemala city on Friday March 4th. at around 10:30 pm. Then took two vans to the hotel. Saturday morning we met around the Barcelos hotel around the pool after breakfast for orientation.  Around 10:15 we all boarded a nice air conditioned bus directly... Read More