Surgery Preston Antigua

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Well, it is hard to argue with success.   Trying to get interesting surgery and patient stories this week (especially with trying to do it remotely) has not been very fruitful.  When everything seems to run smoothly and there aren’t a bunch of surprises it might just be a tiny bit boring,... Read More
“Blessed are the flexible, as they will bend and will not break.”   Right now our team has been forced to be flexible, as we have temporarily lost two team members to a virus.  Unfortunately, one of them is me.  So I won’t be at the Obras for a day or two as I recover, but I will try and... Read More
We made it through our first day of surgeries!     As always there were a couple of surprises.  For example, a gallbladder that couldn’t be done laparoscopically, so an incision had to be made.  Not uncommon, but it takes more time.  It isn’t the preferred method, as it takes longer for the... Read More
Today started early for everyone, which sets the tone for the rest of the week.  Once we grabbed some breakfast and most importantly for some us, coffee, we adjourned for a team meeting and devotions.   Beth, our pastor, read an interesting story from Africa about an elephant and a mouse... Read More
Today was a day of introductions and getting-to-know you.  Our day started out with a walk across town to Casa de Fe, known as the “Ronald McDonald House of Antigua”.  This facility provides a safe place for people to await and/or recover from surgeries.  It also serves those that have had... Read More
The day has finally come and we are off to Guatemala.   The last few days have been busy for everyone; deciding what to pack, making sure that everything needed has been stowed in our bags, the medical supply trunks are filled, making sure business at home is taken care of so being gone for... Read More