Surgery Huebner Reu

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Post by Jacque Morgan    It has been such a pleasure meeting and talking to the patients.. . Hearing their inspiring stories that through receiving our service and care they are able to continue on motivating others for good.   One of our sweet patients,Willy, teaches soccer and enjoys... Read More
Post by Jacque Morgan   Surgery days are busy and we get the opportunity to take care of many people of all ages. This particular day we had several young patients.   Our youngest was a 7 yr. old girl named Deylin and one of the very sweetest. One of our most inspiring surgical patients... Read More
Post by Jacque Morgan   We spent time at the day care adjacent to Hilario Galindo enjoying the children. Volunteers from Faith in Practice planned a piñata party for the children. The children sang songs and danced for us.   Many difficult surgeries were performed with positive outcomes.... Read More
Post by Jacque Morgan   Vilma is 68 years old a mother, grandmother, business owner and survivor.   She has had 12 pregnancies--but only 9 living children. After delivering her last child by cesarean section. . . She began to have  prolapse. (She still climbed the hill everyday to collect... Read More
Post by Jacque Morgan   The crowds were gathered on the front walks of Hilario Galindo hospital as we arrived, the entryway overflowing with patients. The volunteer doctors from Faith in Practice spent the day examining them to see if they were viable candidates for surgery- Marilyn, Jacque... Read More
Post by Jacque Morgan   The (Gene Huebner Team) is counting down the days as we gather and organize supplies necessary for the trip to  Hilario Galindo hospital in Guatemala.  We look forward to meeting the people of Guatemala who travel near and far to see our team and the members of the... Read More