Village Tysse

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What an incredible week! It’s time to go home. We woke up this morning excited to go home and sad to leave. Seeing our family, friends, and loved ones, getting back to the comforts of our own bed, and the regular availability of hot showers are waiting for us at home, but we are each going... Read More
It’s our last full day in Guatemala. There are a good number of us staying for the next week before they also participate on the next mission. We woke up with a little time before we left Finca La Loma in Chimaltenango. We made the best of it! We hiked to the top of the property to get a view... Read More
Last day of clinic! After devotions, (coffee) our meeting, and breakfast, we headed out. You never know what each day will bring. We thought that maybe we saw a bulk of the patients yesterday, since the line seemed never ending, but again, we were wrong. We had just as many patients today. We... Read More
It was Day 3 of clinic, and Day 1 in our new village. We were in Chimaltenango. We were a very short drive from our hotel, Finca La Loma. We arrived, and the first thing we noticed was that this school was not as nice as the last one. We were not sure if all of the things were just removed... Read More
It’s Day 5, but Day 2 in Xenocoj. As promised, the blogs will get a little shorter. After devotions and coffee (essential), we had our morning meeting. It was the first time we heard some of the numbers. It was very impressive. The clinics as well as all of the volunteers worked incredibly... Read More
Yes, it is Day 4, but it is technically Day 1. It was an interesting night! As I previously mentioned, it was a bit chilly. Also, in such “close” company, who knew we could be so slightly irritated, yet laugh so hard at the little things. Yes, our rooms have walls, but they are pretty non-... Read More