Surgery Clark Reu

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Today is the last day the teams will be operating on patients.  Last night we began packing supplies that we know will not be used.  Tomorrow we will come in to round on patients and then will depart for Antigua.  Even though things are winding down there is still a relatively full schedule... Read More
The third day of operating begins on a good note: the bus works!  Things get off to an early start.  But conditions are never perfect in a developing country.  In exchange for a working bus, it looks like today the teams will be dealing with intermittent power outages at the hospital.  This... Read More
Once again the bus prevented us from leaving on time.  This time, the bus simply would not start.  Not much time was lost, however, as Rachel quickly organized a number of smaller vehicles to take people to the hospital.  It’s a good thing, too, because today there are 24 cases scheduled... Read More
Today the purpose behind all of yesterday’s preparations begins to become clear to me (as a non-medical person).  The first patients are brought into the new pre-op area where they are prepared for surgery.  There is one bed for each of the rooms where the next patient waits until it is time... Read More
Day two begins at six in the morning with the devotional, followed by breakfast.  At seven we are in the bus and on the road for the hospital.   Today is devoted to two things:  clinic and setup.  There are about 120 patients that have been identified as possibly needing surgery.  All of... Read More
The mission officially begins today!  We leave Houston at nine in the morning for Guatemala City.  It is obvious from the moment that we arrive at the airport that Faith in Practice has done this many times before, and is very organized.  We had been told to wear our purple Faith in Practice... Read More