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  Happy Valentine's Day to the ones we love the most!  We are busy packing, sharing stories of love and thanks from the Obras, talking about last night's banquet, rejoicing that patient for whom we  prayed last night is doing very well this morning, grabbing a quick breakfast as we wait to... Read More
AND THEY’RE OFF! Have you ever wondered what it must be like just before the gates are opened for the running of the Kentucky Derby?  The horses have trained hard for this day; they know why they are here.  As they are led to the field, the excitement grows…into the gate they go.  Tense,... Read More
  CLINICS, UNPACKING, AND CLEAN UP! Ray began our day thanking God for our good night’s rest, for our hot breakfast and for the folks that He has gathered.  He reminded us that nothing is impossible.  Our song began: You hold my every moment You calm my raging seas You walk with me... Read More
    CLINICS AND TRIP TO HEAVEN ON EARTH   How many of you started your day with hot cranberry french toast with syrup, hard boiled eggs, and choice of muffins, yogurt, cereal, and the sweetest fresh cut fruit that has been lovingly and expertly rinsed, bleached, rinsed, and then cut into... Read More
Hello, Dear Ones! A quick note to let you know all is WONDERFUL here.  Volcano El Fuego, which we clearly see from La Antigua, was acting up yesterday, spewing smoke and light ash, but we heard no grumbling.  Only explosions we heard were the usual festive fireworks set off last night.  In... Read More

Our Deovted Cooking Team- Cathie, Cindy T, Kim, Pat, and Laurel! Thank you for spoiling us and keeping us healthy this week! Our day began with 5:45 hot breakfast (thank you dedicated kitchen crew who gets up earlier than we to be... Read More