Surgery Huebner Antigua

A grateful mother the day after her son's surgeryCat nap time!Dr. Wynne and Nancy Howell preparing for dental patientsFaith in Practice Team 225 outside the ObrasVanessa in pre-opA 10-month-old awaits surgery on her handGYN patient up and walking the day after surgeryA happy cleft palate patient just prior to surgeryAntigua lives up to its nameA patriotic Cynthia Ross in recoveryA young patient the morning after having her tonsils and adenoids removedBridget on one of her FINAL trips to the bankCam Dean preparing a woman for surgeryCara preparing the O.R. for yet another surgeryCathy Huebner discussing protocol for high observation unitKathy and Linda ready for another day!Cathy enjoying her favorite part of the jobCharlie transulating post-op instructions to a patientChef Marianne taking a break after the morning breakfast rushChildren passing the time playing the memory game at Casa de FeCleft Palate patient in triageCookies helped pass the time during triageDr. Burke administering anesthesia during surgeryDr. Narsete and Dr. Wynne teaming up on a complicated cleft surgeryDr. Narsete and Sandie Mirelez repair a cleft lipDr. Narsete examining young patientDr. Olson checking on patients the morning after surgeryDr. Terry Villarreal adjusting anesthesia during surgeryDr. Wani examining a patient in triageENT team removes a thyroid tumor on a young womanFlowers delivered to the Obras by a grateful patientGuatemalan woman with childGYN patient walking out of the Obras just two days after surgeryHeon Chung preparing a patient for surgeryIrene visiting patients in recuperationJeff returning from Casa de Fe after delivering soupJessica Holcomb cares for a young cleft lip patient immediately following surgeryKaren Gardner with 10-year-old patient the day after surgeryKaren gets us going in the morning by leading us in hymnsLaura Cousar and Dana Poulin anticipate a great day in surgery!Laura Hutchinson playing ball with children at Casa de FeLucas's family ready to depart the Obras the day after his cleft palate surgeryMargo inventories the instruments during surgery"Mama" Marilyn Ewing our Team FacilatorMarty and Bob off on an adventureA mother sees  her child for the first time following surgeryNancy and Jessica in the operating roomNancy, the person who takes the pics and posts the logs, is forced to post a pic of herselfNuns preparing tortillas at the ObrasPam and Jay psyching themselves up for the last day of surgeryPastor Marty Nicholas feeds our bellies as well as our soulsTriage patients waiting in lineProud artists share their drawingsSally answering a patient's questions the morning after surgerySally transulating doctors' orders to the Obras nursesSylvia Diaz in recovery with a young patientCarlos: Tears of joy following successful sinus surgeryThe GYN team hard at work on another complex caseThe most complicated cleft surgery of the week immediately following surgeryThe computer support teams keeps the surgery schedule and the patient reports current"Well done, thou good and faithful servant....Woman being examined during triageYoung cleft palate patient

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Today is the final day of surgery, and tonight we will have our graduation dinner. All together doctors performed 85 surgeries, and our dental clinic saw a total of 61 patients! Tomorrow is a day to explore. Some will take walking tours of Antigua, others will climb a volcano, and still others... Read More
Thursday, May 28th This morning it was not a choir of birds that awoke some of us around 2:30 AM, it was an earthquake. We learned that a 7.1 earthquake rocked Honduras less than 300 miles to our east, and what we felt were the aftershocks. Many mornings as we have eaten our breakfast at the... Read More
Wednesday, May 27th It’s a strange phenomenon. We start our days very early (devotion begins at 6:15) but unlike at home, an alarm clock is rarely needed. Each morning around 4:30 AM a rhapsody of birds begins their daily concert. If one lies in bed listening, the birds get louder and louder... Read More
Tuesday, May 26th Casa de Fe is a home away from home for patients and their families while they are waiting or recovering from surgery. A few members of our team spent time there yesterday playing with some of the children. The growing laughter of the children playing ball caught the... Read More
Monday, May 25th Surgery has begun and for the 23 cases we will see today, this is a day many have been anticipating for months, even years. A woman in triage yesterday symbolizes just how much the opportunity to receive this care means to them. She wore a beautiful blouse with intricately... Read More
Sunday, May 24th They started lining up at 2:00 AM. Dozens upon dozens of hopeful faces young and old who had traveled to the Obras in hope that the American doctors and nurses could relieve their pain, fix their child’s cleft palate, or remove the possibly malignant tumor that was growing... Read More