Village Orman Totonicapan

Sister and Big BrotherJudy finds her passport and can come with us!Let s see you get these trunks through the security door...Loading Trunks onto the bus at Guatemala airportBob Villa welcoming us to Faith In PracticeCasa de Fe chapelCasa de Fe dorm roomTeam with Padre Jose at the ObrasDentist Spiker is happy to see the new dental chairs and suite at the ObrasDental Clinic team  Dental Team 2Dental patientGetting tested at the labI like it hearThe hotel s garden rose...Ben Orman and Reed Brooks are ready for the week...Angie waiting for our busLeroy Taylor, our cook, is ready for the week.On the busCalla Lillies in ChichicastangoTracy at the market in ChichiSpiker Davis and Leroy Taylor packing the busChris Reinhackel loading the busOur bus - cool eh?Woman with Patient FormDr. Ben Orman with translator John Hartman with patientDr. Ben Orman with patientThe gyn docs:  Dr. Martin, Dr. Jon and Dr. JasonPharm techs Marie Silverthorn and Kathy McCravy with pharmacists Tracy and ReedPatients waiting for triageMayan women waiting after triageGyns Dr. Martin Greenberg and Jon Gogola consultMayan womanPharmD Tracy Chocolaadgive me a smile....TriageBob Vela in Chichi with Jenna Emerson, school teachers and school principalTeam Photo with Guatemalan FIP volunteersLuis Vallejo, our soon-to-be medical student and translator catching some sleep on the busDental technican Betty DavisA mayan woman's life - carrying two loadsGirlfriends waiting at the clinic lineYoung mom childVera Wiat and woman at triageThe town officials welcoming usDr. Amiee Lopes and babyDr. Roy Springer and patientsDr. Angela Chia with mom and patientsDr. Frank Hill with mom and patientChris and Leroy in the kitchenPablo, Joe and Jenna with patients at triageDentist Hugo Lima with patientDentist Spiker Davis with technican-wife Betty DavisDental Assistant/translator Maryjo Balderas with Dr. Kirk Petersen and patientDr. Henry Kaldenbaugh, Father and patientThe pharmacyA few patients waiting at the pharmacyMayan moma and childDr. Amiee Lopes and patientChild and momCarlene Armatta and patientsDr. Ben Orman, John Hartman, Spanish-Mayan translator and patientDr. Jason Cooper heading homeTriage line at start of day in ToconicopanGuatemalan girlMayan moma and childNewborn asleepJudy Hartman and translatorMama and childMaryjo and patientopen wide...rain IN the clinicGuatemalan Swin Flu form we completed to enter the countryStart of the day in Santa Lucia de la ReformaTerry and Woman at Triage.This is all new to mewaitingMayan womanMayan woman in linea Guatemalan b'day tradition - eating a piece of cake before cutting it - good job, John!Dentist Hugo in the driver's seatDo I have to have my finger pricked?Dr. Angela Chia and child  Drs. Frank Hill, Angela Chia and Martin Greenberg  Dr. Frank Hill Martin Greenberg and kids  Hector Ortiz ready to had out pharmacy 'tickets'John Hartman's birthday cakeJohn Hortareas with patientJohn Van Osdall with Jenna Emmerson and Dr. Angela ChiaJose Gomez and Dr. Angela ChiaMarie Silverthorn and Judy Hartman settiin up pharmacynew friends - Kathy McCravy, Dr. Angela chia and TGracy Chocolaadpatients waiting at TacajalbaReed Brooks and Kathy McCravy in pharmacyReed Brooks setting up the pharmacySelling tortillas in the marketSetting up the gyn clinic with Jon Gogolathe first of 650 patients todayThis is how we  carry our babies.

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Home at Last Our team has returned home, and hopefully everyone had a good night’s rest in their own bed last night. The folks who were under the weather have recovered – especially Pharmacist Reed Brooks who stayed at the FIP apartment when we arrived in Antigua. We were glad to get Vera Wiat... Read More
Day Six Our last day in Jaccalvalja, Tacajalbe. The patients are lined up in two lines - 500 folks that we could not see yesterday, and another line even longer. We will see 650 patients today, for a total of 2,492 for the four days. Eleven physicians, two dentists, two pharmacist, and support... Read More
Day Five Tuesday night was very special. The owner of our hotel, Dona Inez, told us the story of how she came to Chichicostengo in the sixties. The civil war began in the 1970’s and changed everything. She told of how the Mayan natives were caught between the guerillas and the Guatemalan army... Read More
Day Four I was not able to post our email yesterday – the electricity was out in town at the internet cafe – we did have electricity at our hotel. The gyn clinic was busy all day. Many of the patients were in all stages of pregnancy. Dr Jason says that the complaints and concerns of moms seem... Read More
Day Three This was a very busy, satisfying day…. We drove an hour and a half over country roads - a dirt road the last five miles. Pablo did a fine job up and down steep curvy roads. We arrived in Santa Lucia de la Reforma and set up at the local elementary school. Our work areas are: triage,... Read More
Day Two We were greeted in Chichicostango at the Santa Tomas hotel with tremors - a small earthquake. The doors were shaking, and birds squawking. So we have arrived! Some of the team didn’t even feel it – so it was really quite mild. Some of our team have spent a lot of time and effort to... Read More