Surgery Hartline Antigua

Alex Johnson preparing for surgeryBird of Paradise flowerYoung boy in surgery laterDr. Skip Farr with young boy in surgeryFIP IT specialist - CarlosGay VanOsdall, Dr. Hartline and Johnnie McGillKim Vandergriff preparing for surgeryLeslie and Lindsay preparing for Tuesday morning surgeriesLoading trunks on bus in Guatemala City for trip to AntiguaMercy Health Partners in front of ObrasKim Smith, Kathy Redden and Ashlee Reese preparing for Monday's surgeriesDr. Doody removing ovarian cystRev Simi praying with post op patientRosa completing ID bracelets during triageSuzie Stevens, Jenny Wallace and Toni Doody preparing for Monday's surgeriesMedical supply trunks at Guatemala City airportTuesday morning devotionalAntiqua street scene San Francisco ChurchEarly morning devotional led by Dave SteaneDr. Harrell and Guatemalan techDrs Harrell and Doody at end of dayFather - daughter duo in service for 3 yearsDr. Glover in surgeryHappy post op the morning after surgeryDr. Randy Hartline and Leeann Shelton discussion during triageMarsha and Helen busy with Sunday mealPatients outside the OBRAS hospitalOdra's intitial instructions to the Faith in Practice TeamPatients waiting in Triage to arrange surgeriesSandy Wells, Sue Monroe, Dr. Greg Glover and Faye Oneal preparing for trip to OBRASInterprator Sergio with triage patientsSherrie Loveday and Kim Boshears are helping hands in surgeryThelma, Sergio and Randy walking from Qunitas hotel to OBRAS hospital

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Thursday, May 7, 2009 Dave’s devotinal was focused on understanding the courage of Jesus Christ. Using Mattew 12: 1-18, he called us to be transformed and have the courage to do the right thing. The group ended the surgeries for the week.
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 The day started with another wonderful devotional by Rev Simi inspiring us to the service of Christ. Great day in the operating room. Helen and Marsha prepared a delicious fish dinner.
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 The day started with a heart felt devotional by Reverend Simi about the Last Supper. She presented a clear picture of the Jewish traditions concerning Christ’s message to the disciples. There are 72 surgeries scheduled for this week. The include hysterectomies, bladder... Read More
Monday, May 4, 2009 What a beautiful morning! David once again led us in morning devotions. After walking to Obras the full day of surgery commeced on schedule. One of the first patients of Dr. Harrell was a daring young boy. All the surgeries went very well. The team performed many... Read More
Sunday, May 3, 2009 Marsha Waldo and Helen Hofmeister prepared breakfast for us at 0530 AM. David Stane from Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston led the morning devotional. It was the first of a series of lessons on how, with Christ, certain nouns become verbs. Today’s lesson was on... Read More
Saturday, May 2, 2009 Despite the worldwide swine flu scare Team 222 led by Dr. Randy Hartline departed from Tennessee, Flordia, Oklahoma and Texas. We had to explain to Guatemala health officals upon our arrival that our red eyes were due to watching the in flight tear jerker movie "Marley... Read More