Surgery Parsley Antigua

Day 3 - Beata Pogodzinski gets the team started with a good breakfest.Day 2 - Drs. Parsely and Landon,Carla Walters,  and Stacy GallowayPharmacist James Venarske and Carol ViktorinDay 2 - Drs. Bill Phillips, David Chafey and nusre Amanda Reynolds fix a childs club foot.Day 2 -  Dr. Matt Pogodzinski, Edith Hammers, and Deborah ButtkeDay 2 - Kat Smith, Tina Galvan, and Rachal Nettune care for a patient in post op.Day 2 - Drs. Trey Rachal,Cedric Dupont and Catherine Mcneese prepare a child for surgery.Day 2 - Drs. Woolf and Gonzales, Shane FossDay 2 - Katie Ramey works to feed our hungery team.Day 3 - Ann Parker get a knee replacement patient up for phycial therapy.Day 3 - Edgar Torres is the scurb tech for Drs. Mark Woolf and Jose Tello.Day 3 -  Dr.Pogodzinski, Alejandro Valdez, and Pharmacist James Venarske check patient during morning rounds.Day 3 - Mario's story is on the Diary paige.  Day 3 - Dr. Bill Phillip and Nolan PhillipDay 4- Alex Valdez help patient walk after surgery.Day 4 - Ann Parker and Carol Viktorin give patient instructions.Day 4 - Ann Parker helps Jova walk.Day 4 -Alex Valdez and Ann Parker get patient moving.Day 4 - Dr. Brian Parsley and Katie Ramie sing along with Linda McCarty during our devotional.Day 4 - Gay Van Osdall reads a scripture during devotional.Day 4 -Dr. Landon removes a drain during rounds.Day 4 - Dr. Parsley checks patient during round.Day 4 - Dr. PhillipsDay 5 - Rachel Nettune, Dr. Cedric Dupont, Tina Galvan and Kat Smith monitor a child after surgery.Day 5 - Carla Walters and Emily ThomasDay 5 - Debbie Lonsfords RNDay 5 - Dr. Pogo , Edith Hamers, and Deb ButtkeDay 5 - Anesthesia provided by Dr. Trey Rachal.Day 5 -Dr. Evan Pivalizza take patient to recovery room.Day 5 - Dr. Prisila Foss monitors a patient during surgery.Day 5 - Edgar TorresDay 5 - Stacy Galloway has worked with Drs. Landon and Parsley all week.Day 5 - Dr. Phillips, Nolan Phillips, Amanda Reynolds, Sommer Raines in OR #3.Day 5 - Drs. Pogo and Pogo GrandeDay 5 - RN Rachel Nettune sing to a baby  to calm him before surgery.Day 5 - Tina Galvan comforts a girl and her mother after surgery.Day 3 - Prosthetist Marvin gives a boy a chance to learn to walk.Day 3 - Sommer Raines and Dr. Evan PivalizzaTeam 219Triage Day - Nolan Phillip and Debbie Woolf work to enter patients information.Tirage Day - Dr. Glorimar Medina clears patient for surgery.Triage Day many people wait in hopes of having surgery this week.Dr. Parsley reassures patient about her surgery.Dr. Prisila Foss clears patient for surgery.Dr. Woolf, Dr. Gonzales, and Carol Viktorin explain options to the patient.Dr.Don Mccartney casts a child with a club foot.Kim Ramey teaches a boy how to use a walker.Shane Foss, Debbie Lonsford, Emily Thomas and Amanda Reynolds unpack equiptment on Triage day.Dr. Mark Woolf start Triage day and our week with a devotional about giving and a prayer.Triage Day - Little girl hopes FIP doctors can help her.

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An 8 year old boy patient of Dr. Phillips came to the PACU following an extensive repair of a right club foot. Mario, who prefers to be called "Papie" was drowsy from general anesthesia, but opened his eyes wide to see his new lime green cast. Mario wanted to be well. He focused intently on... Read More