Surgery Moorhead Antigua

Ahhhhhhhh! AdiosAlly Daum, Dr. Moorhead and Kathy Van Wie after a long triage day. We did it. Yeah!!!Anna Eason and Carolina after being fitted for a solar powered hearing aid. She never stopped smiling.Anna Eason and  Rev.Reagan CockeAnna and Carolina after being fitted with hearing aid.Anne and Claire Brady, mother daughter pair.Smiling patient before cleft surgery.Dr.Cary Moorhead and Nancy Fontaine before surgery.Dr.Boutros and Dr. Moorhead working together.Dr. Cary Moorhead and Kenny and Dennis Heffernan.Dr. Moorhead, Nancy Fontaine and Dr. Boutros at the end of the day.Claire and Anne Brady taking a break.Claire Brady with Melissa after having her cleft lip and hand repaired.Dr. Moorhead during the morning announcements.Dr. Boutros examining Chico.Dr. Plavidal, Dr. Lara Longo and Carla Grinuck-Wood rounding on patients in the morning.Fielding and Rosa waiting for the patients to wake up from surgeryDr. Fromberg,Dr. Moorhead, and Lorri Wolff working out the schedule.Flossie and Fielding Fromberg holding down the fort.Bette, Peggy and Deanna at the Casa de los SuenosKathy Van Wie, Rev. Reagan Cock, Julie Moorhead, Cary Moorhead and Giggy Thanheiser at Casa de los Suenos.Marc Longo, Barry Siller, Tina, Carol Brady, Cary Moorhead and Sean BoutrosAntigua street scene.Jill Criep looking for suppliesJill Criep and Flossie Fromberg outside the Obras.Julie and Cary MoorheadJulie Moorhead and Dr.Sean  BoutrosKathy Van Wie and Anna Eason with hearing aid patient.The brothers, Kenny and Dennis Heffernan.Kenny and Dennis Heffernan at Casa de los SuenosKim Smith preparing Dennis for surgery.Loading the trunks on the bus at the airport.Lorri and Julie organizing the supplies.Lorri and Scooter Wolff our team organizers.Lorri and Scooter Wolff giving Giggy Thanheiser directions.Lorri Wolff taking a break from her management skills.Kim Skinner, Anna Eason, Mark TamskiPainting of the Obras given to FIP volunteer Bette JaedickeNancy Fontaine and Giggy Thanheiser our wonderful cooks.   Nancy Fontaine filling out paperwork on triage day.Flowers for sale. On the way to the hospital.Otto preparing IV's for the patients during surgery.Rev. Reagan Cocke and Julie Moorhead getting ready for surgery. The Recovery Room team. Peggy Villarreal,Clara Grinuck-Wood,Kim Smith,Deanna Scharf,Lenore Wyrick, Anne BradyDr. Sean Boutros and Dr. Cary Moorhead with baby on rounds.Sean, Kenny, and Dennis relaxing before dinner.A smile is worth a thousand words!!Terri Bramuchi-Tanski examing Juana before surgery.Dr. Mark Longo and Dr. Lara Longo. The brother and sister team!!Tina Kinney and Cary Moorhead after a long successful surgery.  Way to go Tina.Anne Brady registering patients for surgery.Bette Jaedicke with Wilmer before surgeryDr. Moorhead and Kathy Van Wie with Cristina during rounds. She was very happy after having her surgery.Dr. Moorhead, Kathy Van Wie and Reagan Cocke with patients.Dr. Moorhead's patient before surgery. Thumbs up!Dr. Moorhead will patient before surgery.Doro,who works for the Obras cleaning equipment for the OR.The XP families with Peggy Tuttle, Good Samaritan Foundation, Julie Moorhead,and Dr. Sean Boutros.Dr.Longo, Dr. Boutros and Dr. Moorhead after a long day of surgery. Watching these three doctors  work together was a blessing.Dr. Moorhead and Dr. Boutros at the airport waiting to get on the bus.Dr. Siller, Dr. Longo and Dr. Chavez after surgery on Monday.Fielding Frombery and Jill Criep preparing the paperwork for the patients on triage day.Dr. Fielding Fromberg, Flossie Fromberg, Susan and OdraJulie and Cary starting out the day at the ObrasKathy Van Wieand Reagan Cocke at the airport.Kathy with patient after being fitted with a new solar powered hearing aid. Big smile!Nancy Fontaine, Lorri Wolff, Giggy Thanheiser and Julie Moorhead before dinner.Patient sleeping with her new sunglasses!Rev. Reagan Cocke and Bette Jaedicke with Wilmer.Rev. Reagan Cocke taking notes for Dr. MoorheadSome of our team outside the Obras.Waiting for the trunks at the Guatemala City airport.

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Day Three Touched by the light! Sheily, a beautiful nine-year-old girl arrived at our clinic on Sunday. She is the youngest of six siblings in her family. I noticed her waiting with her parents in the corner of the waiting area. She seemed quiet and shy. She was crying softly while holding on... Read More
Day Two Sounds of Joy! Every morning in Guatemala I awake to the sounds of birds, running water in the fountains, and cars in the street. I am reminded how blessed I am to hear and that my children were born with hearing as well. At the Obras, I sat in a room with Anna Eason, the audiologist,... Read More
Triage-Sunday March 29th, 2009 Our first full day in Guatemala consists of examining the patients that might be candidates for surgery during the week. The hallways and stairwells of the clinic were lined with patients waiting to be seen. Our Plastic, E.N.T and Gynecological surgeons examined... Read More