Surgery Golbus Antigua

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Friday, 3/27 Today we returned to the Obras to make final rounds on the remaining patients, and we said our farewells to Dolores’s staff. Afterwards, most of us joined the city tour, learning a piece of the rich history of Antigua. Later, others walked through town to soak up one last bit of... Read More
Thursday morning, 3/26 Our final surgical day has arrived. Many of us remarked during breakfast that they can’t believe how fast the week has passed. When finished today, our team had completed seventy-two cases, and our dentists had treated well over a hundred people. The team’s theme at the... Read More
Wednesday-3/25 Well into our routine, we meet again at breakfast, followed by a short devotional. The Menchu reading today dealt with "Teamwork", and the concept that collaboration leads to the collective success of a culture. It is the way to insure positive change. Throughout the week you... Read More
Tuesday- 3/24 We’re up again at first light to begin our second day of surgeries. We met for breakfast and then our devotional, surrounded in the crisp, clear air of the beautiful gardens of the Quinta, surounded by the three majestic volcanoes that tower over the city. The beauty of God’s... Read More
Monday – 3/23 We began the regular routine we would follow for the rest of the week. 6am breakfast, followed by our daily devotional at 0630. Today’s reading from Rigoberta Menchu spoke of the continuing struggle for the survival of the Guate/Mayan culture. Throughout the centuries, they have... Read More
Sunday morning, 3/22 After a few short hours of sleep, we all assembled for breakfast, a quick session of "Who’s Who" for the new members in the group, and then the first of our daily devotionals. Judy Hull, our clergywoman from Westminster Presbyterian in California, gave us our theme for the... Read More