Surgery Peters Antigua

Nider with his Mom before surgery.Armando with his 'Girlfriends' in front of the Obras!Carolina in the market this morning, making deals and getting the prices down!Paige, Patty and Teresa posing with the 'Chicken Bus' on our way to the hospital!Christy working hard entering all the patient information.Hector's hand after Dr. Peters operated last year.This is the sweet old man in the Fadora on the left with the rest of his family in the waiting room! Adorable!Do these boots make me look fat?Dave and my boyfriend!Dental team working hard in the new pretty dental clinic!Dianely with Betty Boone, the 12 year old getting hip surgery.Looking good!Dr. White and Dr. Claudio (from Guatemala, he is the head of Orthopedics at the hospital) conversing over the patient.Jack working his magic!Jill talking to her patient before he was put under for a teeth cleaning.Cute little girls happy with their stickers.Maria being pampered by Larry!Nurse Maria comforting little Maria as she woke up from her surgery.Marty Murph in the nursery with a precious baby.Paulina, Marty and Dr. Fox during an abdominal hysterectomy.Marylin and EdNan Peters praying with the wife of a man who was having a tumor removed.Nider's thumb before his surgery.Just hopping to it!Paulina prepping the ORRosa, the hospitals dental assistant talking to a little boy who will actually be having surgery tomorrow for extractions and infected teeth.The ladies!Rosa with the syndactly patient.  Rosa said she had been in recovery for two hours and this was the first time she smiled!Sue King, Ted Peters and Steve White working on Jose, the gunshot patient.Susan, the bunny and a footThe bunny ears are back baby!Jose, the little baby that I want to take home with me :)Dinner with our special guests from Transitions.Dougie with Nider before he was put under.Dr. Greebon and Dr. Fox working on the patient with a lot of repair work.Dr. Greebon holding his patient's hand right before her surgery.Dr. Schweers giving an epidural.Little Kerlin and his Papa in the recovery room.This little girl was coloring while she waited to see Dr. White and Dr. Peters for her deformed hand.Pastor Dave giving this sweet little girl a sticker.Rolando (the dental patient) with his Mom in the recovery room.  Right before I took this picture he was hysterical!Teri and John working hard!The physical Therapy team making a splint for Julisa.

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Thursday March 12 "What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." Aristotle Today is the last day here at the hospital and all of us are pretty sad that our trip is coming to an end. The experiences here are so amazing... Read More
Wednesday March 11 Today I want to tell you about two very special people. The first is Armando, he is a young man I would guess early twenties and he was a patient of Faith in Practice years ago. He had a large tumor on his face that was removed and left his face badly distorted. He has had... Read More
Tuesday March 10 Greetings! Last night we had great special guests come and talk to us about their organization Transitions. The founders of Transitions came and sold us greeting cards (to help support their cause) and told their stories about how Tranistions came to be. Transitions is an... Read More
Monday March 9 Buenos Tardes! Today was the first day of surgery and everything ran smoothly except for one little hiccup. It is actually a funny story, while performing a surgery today Dr. Fox’s scrub pants were a little loose and fell to his ankles! Thank goodness that Dr. Toney was there to... Read More
Sunday March 8 Well today is a crazy day as we triage the patients and set the schedule for sugeries this week. Dr. Fox and Dr. Greebon worked hard and screened dozens of women. Dr. Peters saw 2 young boys today that he had previously operated on and was pleased at how well they are doing.... Read More
Saturday March 7 Hola from Antigua! We have arrived safe and sound! Today we took a tour of the Casa de Fe which is the after care facility for patients to recover. We also went to the hospital and visited all of the residents, the majority of which are disabled or mentally incapable of taking... Read More