Surgery Stempel Antigua

One of the residents gets a tow from Padre Jose.A beautiful moment between Padre Jose and 6 year old Luis Alexander who needed severe dental work prior to his surgery to correct a heart defect.Nurses Jennifer and Mary take a break with 3 delightful and playful brothers while their mother is screened for medical care.Our trip minister John Hubbard blesses our hands before we start our work for the day.A Guatemalan boy sends his thanks to Jack and Danny O'Reilly of St. Pius X, the boys back home who packed up crayons and paper for the kids waiting at the hospital.Families of all sizes wait in line for up to 10 hrs to be seen by our doctors, and yet they are happy, content and so very thankful for the health care they will receive.Our cook, Bob Wilson, makes his daily rounds at the market so he can create us a feast for dinner, and replenish our exhausted bodies.We were fortunate enough to get off work in time to witness the Procession of Lent through the streets of Antigua.Dana provides reassurance to 6 year old Luis Alexander as he prepares for his dental work.Jennifer and Mary share the moment during Triage day.  Everyone went home tired but feeling full of life and energy from what we accomplished.Nurse Jennifer celebrates the last case of the day while our general surgeon Andy Cramer studies the previous patient file.A patient checks in with one of our Spanish speaking interpreters, Nancy Newell, at the documentation and processing center, where their information is entered into the computer and they are photographed.Beautiful Jennifer sits with her grandfather awaiting their turn to see a doctor for medical screening.Baby Angelica flashes her big brown eyes at us...filling up all our cameras with loads of photos of her beauty.Jane enjoys an intimate moment with the beautiful baby girl of one of our patients.One of our village volunteers holds a young Guatemalan boy.  They are so thankful to us for what we are doing.  Many from the villages may never see a doctor in their lifetime.A mother comforts her sick child. She has travelled many hours by bus to arrive at the clinic.Jennifer rejoices with her Father.  She is holding a photo of herself and her grandfather.  For many, they have never seen a photo of themselves.Jim and his OB/GYN nurses enjoy a good laugh at the end of the day, after some of the nurses played a practical joke on Jim.Brenda, Cindy, and Jennifer unpack the medical trunks and stage the supplies in the Obras operating rooms.The team enters Las Obras ready to begin a day of surgery.Our all-star dental team.Jennifer greets a patient as she awakes from surgery.The pre-op team provides support to a scared patient prior to surgery.A concerned husband checks on the status of his wife.Dr. "Andy" Cramer removes a gall bladder.Dr "Jim" Stempel and Dr. "Charcie" Clock, two of our gifted OB/GYN surgeons.Jen and Dr. Andy check on a patient in post-op.Nancy, our Spanish interpreter, works with Mary in Post-op to resolve a patient's pain.Dr. "Chip" Prescott and Dr. "Lisa" Johnson perform a hysterectomy.Marcy comforts a Guatemalan woman in the post-op recovery room.Jane and Marianne take a much needed break in the operating room.Nemecio gives us the thumbs up before going into surgery.One of our OB/GYN teams at work in the O.R.Dr. "Cliff" Brock, our team dentist begins a major procedure on a patient.John prays with a patient and her family while she awaits being called in for surgery.Patients and their families anxiously await in the courtyard of the Obras.Mark and his amigo Jose show off their smiles.Surgeons Charcie and Chip are assisted by Cindy on a hysterectomy case.Brian wakes up from surgery and gives Marcy a big hug in post-op.Andrew Stempel watches his father Dr. Jim do his magic.Dr. Andy and our interpreter Vicki give the good news to a husband that his wife is out of surgery and doing great.Dr. Andy and his scrub nurse perform a hernia repair.Dr. Chip takes a break between procedures.Marianne delivered a bundle of baby blankets to the Obras orphanage from her friends in Los Angeles...but couldn't leave without holding at least one of the beautiful children.Stephanie provide comfort to a patient as she wakes up from surgery.Dr. Sue and Dr. Hammish consult each other on a tough case.Dr. Hammish, one of our anesthesiologists, preps our star patient Brian for surgery on his mouth.  Brian needed surgery on his tongue to help him speak more clearly.Dr. Hammish and his son Ian share a moment outside the Operating Room.Dr. Andy gets a bear hug from a local friend of Faith in Practice.  What we are doing is so small for the thanks we receive.Montezuma's revenge claims another one of the team.Dr. Bill, one of our anesthesiologists, watches over a patient during surgery.Mark takes a break with the recovery room nurses.Jennifer, a circulator nurse in the O.R. provides support during surgery.Katie and Dr. Hammish ensure there is enough saline solution for the operation.Marcy, Jennifer and Mary take a break waiting for patients to come into recovery.Dora, one of the Obras nursing staff lights up our day with her smile.Our favorite patient, Brian, speaks with Dr. Andy the morning after surgery on his mouth.Nemecio, who had major oral surgery to remove 17 infected teeth, as well as a hernia repair speaks with the doctor the morning after surgery.One of the residents of the Obras learns occupational skills in the sewing center.  All the bed covers, O.R. hats, and curtains are made by the residents.Vicki gives Brian a big hug before he checks out to go home with his papa.  Our eyes were full of tears as he said to us in a soft voice "my name is Brian" using his repaired tongue for the first time to overcome his speech impediment.One of our patients, Sandy, was a former nurse at the Obras.  She helped direct traffic in the pre-op room as she awaited her surgery.Bob, peeks out over the curtain to watch all the action in the O.R."Ten little indians"...the list of the team in the morning who are suffering from stomach sickness.Our team leader, Dr. Jim, shows his swollen face.  He has had 5 liters of IV over the past 24 hrs to keep him on his feet and perform surgery.Beth and Jane laugh with a patient in recovery.  When she was told that she received a tummy tuck in addition her hernia repair, she exclaimed "I now like Barbie!"Dr. Chip provides the music as Kelly and the rest of us enjoy the evening by the fireplace.The team took up a collection among us to buy the hospital a new telephone system linking the O.R. to the office after the system failed.  Dr. Jim presents the money to Dolores, the head nurse of the O.R., and receives a giant thanks.One of our patients sleeps comfortably in post-op after surgery.Mary provides great service to our patients in pre-op getting them ready for surgery.We visited our patients at Casa de Fe where they can go to rest a few days before returning to their villages.  Nancy, our interpreter, gives instructions to a patient on how to take her medication.Mary, Nancy, and Jane visit with patients in the womens area at Casa de Fe.Our old friend Jose gets his medications and instructions at Casa de Fe.  He will leave for his long journey to his village tomorrow morning.It is our final day in Antigua.  Padre Jose held a devotion to bless us for the work we have done this week to help the poor of Guatemala.Padre Jose blesses the team.The unbelievable and dedicated Team #211 of Faith in Practice.We finally unmasked the great surgeon who has been in the painting watching over us all week.  Behold, it is our own team leader, Dr. Jim Stempel!Padre Jose gives the team a close and personal tour of Las Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro Hospital.Mary and Andrew Stempel check in trunks of medical supplies at the Portland, OR airport.The team unloads from the "chicken bus" upon arrival into Antigua at midnight friday night.Loading up for our move to our home away from home in Antigua.The volcanoes surrounding Antigua give us a hearty welcome.The welcome given us from the residents of the Obras filled our hearts with goodness and our eyes with tears.Jane greets an old friend from her previous visitsDana bonds with a beautiful baby girl awaiting surgery.Mary and John say hello to a child who welcomed us with his wonderful spirit.In-country manager Sarah Schwaller welcomes us to Casa de Fe, a patient guest-house for patients and families who need housing before and after surgery.

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