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All bags and medical supplies accounted for.Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send? And I said, Here am I, send me."  Isaiah 6:8Susan Cutaia and Dr. Fielding Fromberg: a surgical team on their way to work.Sunday was a long day at the computer for Joanne Taylor who entered patient records.Happy hearts & smiling faces: faith in practice. Back: Wanda Selvera, RN; Susan Cutaia, RN; Laura McBee, RN; Isabell Villarreal, RN; Toni Doody, RN; Vicki Marrs, RN; and Donna Hahus, RN; Front: Terri Garmer, RN and Naomi Ingrim, pharmacist & chaplin.Dr. Michael Doody and  Nurse Toni Doody, with a surgical patient.Dr. Fromberg and Dr. Manning with patient before surgery.Dr.Gary Manning checks inventory in supply room.Naomi and Tim Spurrier, founder of Hospital Shalom, ministering to team and patients at morning devotion.Resident missionary, Joe Barbacci, and team member, Gay Van Osdall,interview patient for treatment.Inside the chapelThe chapel at Hospital ShalomNurse Elena Berger comforts surgical patient.Dr. Ed Higgins and Nurse Isabel Villarreal make morning rounds before today's surgery schedule begins.Dr. Peter Thompson and Nancy Thompson with one of the ladies recovering from surgery on Monday.Dr. Bob Shull with Marcela. Marcela, who is recovering from surgery on Monday, is 83 years old.Sally Jordan is a team interpreter. Guillermo comes from one of the indigneous cultures here. He speaks Spanish as well as Quixche. He can translate the tribal language into Spanish and then Sally translates the Spanish into English.Dr. Shull talks with two translators regarding a patient's condition following surgery. Christine is the Healthcare Program Director for Faith in Practice who lives in Guatemala, & Andrea is a local partner who speaks the tribal tongue as well as SpanishThese precious children are so patient. They color and play quietly for hours while they wait on a family member undergoing surgery. They are always smiling.OR on Wednesday:  l-r Dr. Gary Manning, Nurse Elena Berger, Dr. Edgar Oliva, a local surgeon, Nurse Susan Cutaia, Dr. Eberhard Lotze and Nurse Wanda Selvera.This is a  tile mosaic on the wall where we have morning devotions. Then the room becomes the waiting room.Someone snuck away from duty! Steve Joy is the team financial manager, and Jo Joy is the photo journalist. (There are many wonderful photographers on the team, so  posted pictures are a shared effort).Steve Joy borrowing the journalist desk while the the internet is down.When Elena Berger isn't on task in surgical scrubs, she's finding new friends.With no babies in the nursery this week, it doubled as a pharmacy for the team. Here, Naomi Ingrim,pharmmacist and  Nancy Thompson, package medications for patients being discharged.We worked all week with staff at Hospital Shalom. Pictured here are Manuel, lab tech, Rubi, nurse, Joe, resident missionary, Astrid, nurse and Vera Wiatt, one of the founders of Faith in Practice.Dominga with family visitors.This is the baby boy we didn't get to meet. Astrid's due date is Feb 2.Sally Jordan, one of team interpreters with patient and her family. This lady's surgery lasted more than five hours yesterday.Maria is going home today.While the children waited, they enjoyed having their pictures taken and then looking at it through the camera.This beautiful child had never before seen a picture of herself.Lying on a blanket on the sidewalk in the shade. What a tease this little guy is.She wears red velvet!"Call us when the vans are leaving." Dr. Manning and Dr. Fromberg pause after their work is done on Thursday.Team 204

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Thursday, January 29: The week is fading, and some of our intestines are feeling the out-of-country adjustments, but what a week we are experiencing. The names of the six ladies who had surgery yesterday are: Magdalena, Candelaria, Luisa, Lydia,Celia, and Maribel. May you continue your litany... Read More
Wednesday, January 28, 2009 Six surgeries are scheduled today, and we are also conducting additional triaging. Guillermo and Andrea (see photo posts today) are both natives who are partnering with us by going out into the area villages in search of potential patients. The need here is great.... Read More
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 Seven ladies underwent surgery yesterday. They are all doing well this morning and some will be dismissed today. Their names are: Marcela, Maria, Mercedes, Alvira, Elana, Teodora, and Maria. Six more are scheduled today. Their names are: Lea, Dominga, Pedrina,... Read More
Monday January 26, 2009 "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24 Surgery began this morning before 8. It’s another beautiful day. An early morning stroll here at Hospital Shalom affords a fascinating walk through the future vision here: truly building... Read More
Sunday, January 25, 2009: We watched the sun rise this morning as we ate breakfast. The vans left shortly after, and patients were here waiting when we arrived at the hospital. Many of them joined us for morning devotions. The text Naomi used was Joshua 1: 1-9. "Have I not commanded you? Be... Read More
Saturday, January 24th. We are here. We arrived about 4:30 this afternoon.It’s a beautiful day in Flores.Tomorrow begins at 6 am, with a long day of interviewing patients and scheduling surgeries for the week. Everyone is tired, but still excited about being here and eager to work together.