Maintenance Luhnau Retalhuleu & Antigua

Molly Williams, Jane Kress, Julie Little, Debbie Luhnau and Stacey Thomas (me) at the airport in Guatemala waiting for our trunks to arrive.Jane Kress, Julie Little, Nancy Thomas and Molly Williams waiting at the airport in Guatemala City.  The team had just arrived and we were waiting for the luggage before going through customs.How could you not fall in love?Isn't he precious?!This little boy lit up when we walked byDebbie Luhnau, Judy Kerschner, Nancy Thomas and Jane Kress in homemade bandanas.  It reminds me of something out of the sound of music...  Julie Little, Jane Kress and Nancy Thomas waiting in the never-ending line at the bank.  It was shortly after taking this photo that I was approached by an officer and asked not to take photographs...oops!One of the big patient rooms at the Hilario Galindo Hospital before we began working on it.One last group photo before heading to AntiguaBob and Marilyn Ewing - Both were Team Facilitators and Bob was the Financial Manager as well.How cute is he?  I am not sure what he is eating, but it sure looks good.A young boy with his dog waiting outside the hospitalTwo brothers waiting outside the Hilario Galindo HospitalMolly Williams and Jane Kress on the bus to Retalhuleu.Larry Shamp and Jack Hurt on the bus to Retalhuleu.Stacey, Molly and Nancy in front of a fountain at Tre FratelliGuatemalan girl carrying fruit on her headOn the roof of Casa de FeCasa de FeJane Kress, Debbie Luhnau and Nancy Thomas - the next Charlie's Angels.A church in AntiguaA little boy in the artisan's marketOne of the new operating rooms donated by David Weekly.A new O.R. donated by David WeeklyA patient having his teeth worked on in the new dental clinic.Jane Kress is a MESS!Sister Dori helped do her share...A family waiting outside the hospitalPadre Jose ourside the Obras Sociales Del Hermano Pedro Hospital before our tourVroom Vroom...Guatemalan girls waiting outside of the Hilario Galindo HospitalThis little boy decided to have Padre Jose take him for a ride.Group shot.  Take note of the clean clothes...One of the guards at the Hilario Galindo HospitalA precious little girl in the artisan's market"There's no place like home..."Nancy, Sister Dori, Debbie, Sister Margarita and Jane inside the chapel after one of our morning devotionals.The back half of the van - like a can of sardines...Jane Kress, Jack Hurt, Bob Ewing, Marilyn Ewing and Judy Kerschner packed in the back of the van we rode in everyday.Jack Hurt getting some more paint on his roller.Jacqueline DianaJane Kress with her new friends inside the Casa de FeJudy Kerschner painted herself into the corner...Judy Kerschner doing some touch-ups in one of the rooms.Julie Little and Bob Ewing hard at work on the mop line.The ladies that cooked us breakfast and lunch everyday at the Hilario Galindo Hospital.Larry Shamp and Jack Hurt mixing the paint.A little girl waiting at the hospitalMolly Williams and Stacey Thomas taking a break from painting.Molly Williams rolling one of the walls at the Hilario Galindo Hospital.A mother and her daughter waiting at the Hilario Galindo HospitalTraditional wear of the Guatemalan peopleA mother and daughter in the artisan's market  Mother and Daughter bonding.Ninette and RomeoStacey and NinetteSome of the nurses at the Obras Sociales Del Hermano Pedro Hospital.  They were working hard in the nursery.A couple of the nurses at the Hilario Galindo HospitalThe Obras Sociales Del Hermano Pedro HospitalA Guatemalan woman making a beautiful piece of fabric on a loomTwo of our wonderful helpers!A permanent resident at the ObrasA resident of the Obras.A resident of the Obras.A patient at the Obras doing his physical therapyA resident of the Obras.  I thought she was absolutely adorable.  She kept looking at me and souldn't stop smiling.Patients at the ObrasPeacocks were everywhere at our hotel.  This particular one decided to tell the team hello after a hard day of work...A little girl asking us to buy a necklace.Doesn't it look like the typical prom picture on a stairwell?Raul Semoya, our driver for the week.  He was such a nice guy and such a hard worker.I took this picture on the side of the road when our bus stopped to adjust the trunks.I took this picture on the side of the road when our bus stopped to adjust the trunks. Gorgeous, huh?A group of schoolchildren on their way to classOur team leader and team administrator hard at work.  Again, notice the green paint...Sister Margarita hard at work in her office.Stacey Thomas (aka me) trying to get dried paint off the floor.A statue of Hilario GalindoOur team leader, Scott Luhnau, rolling paint on one of the walls.  He was one of the few people tall enough to actually reach the tops of the walls without a ladder.HAHAHA!!! Nancy is taking a picture of the four of us squeezed in the back of a taxi.  Poor Molly had to lay across us to fit.Taking our first look at the Hilario Galindo Hospital.  This is where we will spend the next 4 days painting under the direction of Scott Luhnau.TextilesThe Obras Sociales Del Hermano Pedro HospitalJack received this toilet seat in the mail from friends.  We thought it was so funny that we took a picture with it.Some of the trunks we took with us.The famous arch on the streets of Antigua with Fuego (the volcano) in the backgroundThe famous arch on the streets of Antigua with Fuego (the volcano) in the backgroundWaiting for Scott Luhnau (our Team Leader) to tell us what we need to do next.  That is the bus we will spend the next three hours in as we travel to Retalhuleu.Waiting at the airport in Guatemala City to board our planeStacey Thomas and Judy KerschnerThe second finished hallwayAn adorable baby in the artisan's marketBob Ewing, Marilyn Ewing and Jane Kress enjoying dinner at the Restaurante La Hacienda Bar Las Bovedas on our second evening in Guatemala.Back row: Jacob, Juan, Eddison, Raul (our driver) and Eddie    Front row: Sergio (the hospital administrator) and Braulio (the Guatemalan painting team leader )The Guatemalan painting team with Judy Kerschner, Julie Little and Stacey ThomasThis was taken a Common Hope.  The little girl kept putting her hand up to the glass window and wouldn't stop smiling, so I had to go outside and ask to take their picture...Debbie Luhnau with JacquelineDebbie is all smiles while working in the Chapel.After dinner at El ViajeroDinner at  the Restaurante Las Arecas our first night.  From left to right: Molly Williams, Bob Ewing, Marilyn Ewing, Debbie Luhnau, Nancy Thomas, Julie Little, Jane Kress, Scott Luhnau, Judy Kerschner, Larry Shamp and Jack Hurt.Sister Dori receiving canes and walkers that we brought with us from Texas.  Our team leader (Scott Luhnau) and our team administrator (Debbie Luhnau) are pictured with her.Eddy with his parents.  Eddy graduated from nursing school while we were there.  His education was supported by various people from the Sugar Land area.  He was so happy and so grateful.Eddy and his family with the EwingsEddy and his family with Judy KerschnerPart of the finished birthing room/nurseryPart of a finished patient roomFront desk workers at the Hilario Galindo HospitalSister Margarita, Scott Luhnau, Debbie Luhnau, Sister Dori, Bob and Marilyn Ewing at Ninette and Romeo's restaurant, El Viajero (The Traveler).  Debbie and Marilyn are holding gifts from the Sisters.Jane Kress, Marilyn Ewing, Julie Little, Debbie Luhnau and Nancy Thomas at the end of a hard day.Guatemala from the airplaneJane Kress waiting to get on the bus in Guatemala City.Judy Kerschner with her certificate for volunteering, a CD of our worship music and a cross.Judy Kerschner, Raul Semoya and Julie Little enjoying dinner at the Restaurante La Hacienda Bar Las Bovedas.Julie Little working with "volcano juice" to remove dried paint from the floor.Julie Little water-proofing the front doors of the Casa de FeSiblings trying to sell items to hospital patientsThe kitchen area at the Hilario Galindo Hospital before we started painting.Adolfo (our driver )tying down the trunks on top of our bus.Marilyn Ewing was the tiniest person in our group so she got stuck painting the windows at the Casa de Fe...Marilyn, Jane and Nancy hard at work.  Take note of the hideous green paint - by the end of the week it will be no more.Molly had to climb on the counter in order to paint this wall.  It's a good thing she is short...Nancy Thomas, Stacey Thomas and Molly Williams at El Viajero restaurant.Nancy Thomas, Molly Williams and Stacey Thomas enjoying dinner at the Restaurante La Hacienda Bar Las Bovedas on our second evening in Guatemala.One of our finished hallwaysLoading up the bus to head to the airportThe hotel we stayed at in Antigua - Casa FlorenciaOur plane back to the statesA baby and her grandmother waiting on a family member outside the hospital.I think that this girl's eyes are super intense...    If I had my way, I would have shot hundreds of photographs of her.Marilyn Ewing watches as Sister Dori presents a blind man with one of the canes we brought from Texas.Scott Luhnau, Debbie Luhnau, Jack Hurt and Larry Shamp enjoying dinner at the Restaurante La Hacienda Bar Las Bovedas.Scott Luhnau telling us about the new dental clinicBrother and sister waiting patiently on a family member at the hospitalSister Margarita and Stacey ThomasJulie and Larry receive a visit from the chef at the Casa Club.

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