Surgery Maddox Retalhuleu

Beanie Babies are a huge hit with the patients!  Thank you for the donations from WI!Nurse Jeenie on Sunday unloading at the hospitalTeam Coordinator, Cathy Flamenco getting us on the road and loading the bus at Guatemala airportDave and Stephanie and our trusty FIRE BUS that trasports us back and forth to RetalhaleauCar wreck on the way to our destination...We arrive!  Joe Wiatt greets us with the guatemalan hospital staff.We arrive to find the new ORs!  Amazingly set up and so clean.Our chapel at the hospital where we congregate every morning before beginning our day.  We have a joint service with the nuns from the convent who work in the hospital.Joe and Vera Wiatt giving announcements following our morning gatheringSunday and we are assessing patients. Dr. Jenkins is working along side Dr. Gonzales who is a Guatemalan surgeon volunteering with FIP as well as Dr. Recinos.Dr. Kepros and his wife, Connie, with dental patientsCathy entering our patient data in the database.  This was her job ALL day on Sunday.  Thank you, Cathy!Monday's dedication ceremony with the Hospital Board and the local government officialsHospital dedication.  We are the first group to use this hospital since it's been renovated from the civil war!  It's a  great experience to bring life and help back to this area with this facility!Ribbon cutting for the new operating rooms!Our Team Leader, Ray Maddox, presiding over our morning serviceLiz Pascaul and Cathy FlamencoRain, rain and more rain!  Wednesday is we see the first rays of sun.  This is our walk from the chapel back through the hospital.Dr. Bakken doing rounds with his pos-op patientsOur guatemalan doctors doing rounds on post-op patients in the morning with Vera Wiatt walking through the paperwork.Angie M. and Annette prepping a patient for surgeryValerie organizing her meds in her pharmacyJennie and Annette prepping patients for surgeryDr. Jenkins and Angie administering pain meds prior to surgeryJanet displaying a dermoid that was removed from one of our patients.  This was over 9cm!Dr. Stiller Turner and Dr. Jenkins closing a patientDr. Gonzales and Dr. Recinos with Liz Pascual in OR #2 General Surgery.Our hospital in Retalhuleu, Hillario Galindo, among the mountains of Guatemala.Preparing in OR#2 for a inguinal hernia repairDr. Pogo waiting for patients to enter the ORChapel at the hospital for morning devotionsKatherine and sister LeodardaCathy delivering a testimonialStephanie preparing to intubate with assistance from Manual, a Guatemalan auxiliary nurseConnie and the famed dentist chair with a patientCathy and Dr. PogoOne of our hernia patients in post-op.Janet in OR#1 Gyn surgeryOR#1 with gyn patient.  Dr. Bakken, Dr. Stiller Tuner, Dr. Jenkins and Janet as scrub techLapcoli in OR#2 with Dr. Gonzales and Dr. CerinosKatherine as patient advocate during gyn surgery.  Dr. Bakken leading.Dr. Jenkins and Dave Cells in OR#2 general surgeryKevin looking on in gyn surgery with Dr. Bakken leading and Dr. Stiller Turner assisting.Our resting patients in post opMore rain...lot of help from the hermanas at the hospitalStephanie in OR#1 Gyn surgeryTEAM PIC!!!

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June 03, 2008 Day 4: More rain, successful day of surgeries, things running smoothly, dinner in Retalhuleau One of the keys to these trips is teamwork. There is a tremendous amount of coordination to make the schedules run smoothly. The village FIP trips travel to the remote areas and source... Read More
June 02, 2008 Day 3: Surgery Day 1. Lots of rain. Use what’s in your lunchbox. "The first day, the first time we’ve worked in this hospital, it’s the first time we’ve turned the place on, all the patients showed up, everything’s a miracle! I’m just so pleased at our work." - Joe... Read More
June 01, 2008 Day 2: Early to rise, triage, hospital set up, OR dedication! What a packed day! Thanks to the village team trips, we scheduled about 40 patients for surgeries between Monday and Thursday. Our work today consisted of four buckets of flow within the hospital: 1) Triage of patients... Read More
May 31, 2008 Day 1: Arrivals, transport and getting to see the Guatemalan countryside and Our groupitos arrived into Guatemala over a span of several hours on Saturday morning. Angie M and Cynthia from the Pacific Northwest, who crashed for a few house in the nearby Marriott, the Houston crew... Read More