Surgery Walker

Anita talks and the guys listen.What happy campers!New friends we made in GuatemalaPaige made a chart holder for the nurses.Lunch in the breakroomStraight ahead is Gran Hotel de la Isla, our home away from home.Our hotel from the bridge.Yes we are waiting for the next plane to Flores, Panten.Do you think we will ever get there?Dinner with our local people.BreakfastWe are ready to leave our hotelBringing in the trunksCatherine and Jo are ready to get this show on the road.Another trunkUnpacking the trunks.This is how we will do it.Still unpacking trunks.Checking out the equipment in one of the new ORsWow! Look at this!A little boy whose face was repaired after his dog had attacked him.Waiting to see a doctor.Here are some more supplies.Taking the trunks off the baggage claim beltOur first registrationRaul will be our first surgery patient on Monday.Josie helps get Raul ready for his surgery.One, two, three. . .Our doctors are ready, willing, and ableFlossie prepares the charts for the dayRaul is all clean and ready for surgeryMeghan and Shelley help put socks on before surgeryPaige is a good handy man to have around.Load 'em up. Move 'm out.Shelley helps a patient get settledA husband says a prayer over his wife after her surgeryMoving a patient is sometimes a group effortLoading the trunks on top of the bus.This is the countryside we see as we head back to the hotel at the end of the day.A view from the bus on the way to the hospital.The market place from the bus." I can do this all by myself.Morning rush hour trafficJosie is always available to interpretEven the doctors help fold towelsMeghan and Shelley in Pre/Post OPJoe helps make the bedsPaige makes repairsDr. Sankar and Dr. WalkerStacey Clark, Sharon Galvan, Dr. Galvan, Dr. Gonzales, Jo Wright, Catherine Hawkins, and Dr. DriscollOne, two, three. . .Hard at workPraying with a patient before surgeryThis is YenyAnita helps prepare a bed for Yeny.Yeny gives Dr. Sankar a hug and a kiss.This is just a few hours after her surgery.Joe gets a hug from Yeny as she gets ready to go home today.I told you I counted 33.Eight stitches and still going strongLooks like lime fruit but not lime blooms. What is it?The road out of town to Hospital ShalomThe gates to Hospital ShalomThis is where Paige hit the fan.TEAM 198 in APRIL 2008Prayer before surgeryOperating Room #1Josie translates that the patient is going home.Psalm 103:2-5English to Spanish to Myan and back again.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008 In today’s devotional, Joe challenged us to continue our mission of serving and caring for others when we return home. Afterwards we went outside for our team photo. We did have one little mishap yesterday. Paige, our Logistics Director/Handyman had a meeting with a... Read More
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 At today’s devotional, Josie talked about how our actions speak louder than our words. Despite our language difference we hope we communicate Christ’s love no matter what the language. Today we had a little girl, named Yeny, come in for an operation. She was so cute... Read More
Tuesday, April 22, 2008 During today’s devotional, Sharon pointed out that the people that Jesus healed couldn’t help but tell others even when He told them not to tell. We feel sure our patients will also go back and tell the people in their villages how they were healed. All of the glory... Read More
Monday, April 21, 2008 Everyday when we first arrive at the hospital, we have a short devotional. During today’s, Anita shared a prayer Joy Walker sent to encourage the team. We know many of you are lifting up prayers on behalf of us and our patients, and we appreciate your support. As we... Read More
Sunday, April 20, 2008 As we came into hospital Shalom, we saw the beautiful mosaic of an eagle with the scripture of Psalm 103: 2-5 painted next to it. David led us in a short devotional and we shared the Lord’s Supper. Our theme this week is "Serving Christ by Serving Others." Sharon led us... Read More
Saturday, April 19, 2008 Wow! What a team! Some have made new friends and some have renewed old friendships. God has blessed us with a safe arrival in Flores, Peten, Guatemala. Today has been a day of counting. We wanted to make sure that every trunk we wanted to bring made it to our... Read More