Surgery Davis

Audrey and Mer unpacking for the recovery roomThe recovery room team enjoying dinner at the QuintaCarmen, Gil and Audrey dancing in the recovery roomDr. Rehnke's team getting another patient ready for surgeryTranslators Gil and MarthaChef Andrew and Manuel in the kitchenOne of our cooks, Joanne with AllisonDr. Kepler, Dr. Nanda, Dr. Rehnke, Tracy and AnthonyBrittany and Allison ready for dinnerAfter a long day of triage, some of the team went on a tour of a Coffee Plantation in Guatemala.  It was breathtakingGill, Martha, Dr. Rehnke and Tracy in front of the Coffee PlantationThe owner of the plantation showed us how the coffee bean goes from the plant to the finished productThe fabulous meal on Wednesday nightTeam photographer, TracyTracy and Tom take a minute for a photo-OpPart of the dental team heading into the villagesThe entire team went over to The hospital The Sede de Las Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro (The Obras) for a tour of the facility with the Padre Jose.The Dental team hard at workAndreas is actually from Guatemala but is here with us as part of the dental teamDr Pegg keeping everyone in line in the holding areaThe Volcano and Horse back riding team on FridayLindy, Carol and Jessica with all of the PT studentsAnother patient that is in desperate need of a hernia repairTeam photographer, Tracy and this week a circulator was guarding all the medical suppliesDr. Rehnke and Dr NandaThis is one of our patients that is wearing a Rosary that was hand made by the Grand Knight Pete Sikora, Orange Park Council #7399.   Jessica and Dale realing in their fishBrian and Robert realing the fish inBoat #2 TeamSee will be fun!!Allison's catchOur Home away from home.  The Quinta de las FloresThis is where we have our meals at everyday.  Common transportation for the Guatemalans  The Velasquez Family doing a little bit of bakery shopping  The local s wash hole with the hospital in the backgroundAnother means of transportation in GuatemalaThe Casa de Fe  (The House of Faith) is like a USA Ronald McDonald house for families to come and stay before their surgery and afterwards while their loved one is in the hospital.Team 192 arrived in Antigua to tour the Casa de Fe'.  We moved up from chicken buses to vans this year.The entire team all tourned the Casa de Fe'The Casa can hold up to 100 people at a time.  Marci gave Padre Jose a special gift of hats and blankets that her grandmother hand made for all of the babies staying at the ObrasEveryone collecting their luggage at the Quinta after a long day in GuatemalaOur first breakfast as a team on Sunday, June 1stDevotion time was lead by Physical Therapist, Carol ConwayTHE FAITH IN PRACTICE TEAM 192 at the QuintaOur first day walking to the Hobras getting ready for TriageThe Guatemalans waiting patiently for their turn to see the Surgeons.The Operating Room team was busy unloading the trunks full of medical suppliesA typical Operating Room at the ObrasThe anesthesia team got started real quick getting patients ready for surgery on MondayA precious girl that doesn t need surgery right now got examined by Dr. Chip Davis, orthopaedic surgeonOne of our Translators, Gil, gave instructions to a patient that will be having a hip replacementDr. Davis examines a young girl named Stefany that has severe scoliosis and will undergo spinal surgery on MondayDr. Hamilton, Orthopaedic Surgeon andAnother young girl with scoliosis that will have spinal surgery on Tuesday  Dr. Dan getting Dr. Davis patient cleared for anesthesiaA special visit to Dr. Davis from a previous patient, BlanceBlance touched many hearts in 2006, especially, PT CarolThe Physical Therapy team prays with a family as they prepare for surgery this weekThis 7 year old had a smile like no other.  She will also undergo spinal surgery this week.Dr. Pegg getting Dr. Davis  patient ready for anesthesiaDr. Nanda and his team were talking with a patient about his Hernia repairsDr. Hamilton and Juan were discussing an xray of a femurThis 2 year old stole all of our hearts.  Unfortunately, we couldn t do surgery on her at this point.Dr. Davis was very busy today seeing patients with scolosis, some of which didn t need surgery yet.  We will see them again in one yearBecause of how severe her scoliosis is, she really needs a complete work  p of her pulmonary functions, heart, etc. before she could undergo surgeryThis is Stefany's pre-op Spinal xray that shows you the degree of scoliosis that she has in her spineOur first day at the OR.  Dr. Rehnke and Anthony repairing a left inguinal herniaDr. Davis' and Dale's amazing workRuthie keeping track of her patients while Dr. Rehnke operates  Dr. Nanda's room was busy busy busyRuthie and Carmen in the recovery room with one of our special patientsMir getting another patient ready for surgery todayCindy hard at work entering in all of the surgeriesTammy, Dale and Dr. Davis performing life changing surgeryThe spine with the hardware needed to correct their scoliosis spineDr. Rehnke's pre-op hernia surgery patientAn after surgery look at the "used to be" incisional herniaDr. Nanda and Dr. Knight performing a much needed  gallbladder surgeryJuan and Dr. Rehnke performing another large hernia repairJackie keeping tabs on her patients in recoveryPhysical Therapist Carol working with and learning from Dr. DavisJessica taking a little rest from circulatingCRNA Marci and Anesthesiologist Dr. Dan KeplerDr. Nanda and another much needed gall bladder removalPT Carol checking on her "girls"Sitting up after surgery is such a challenge but yet amazing how well these girls can do itMarci and Heidi taking a break in the ortho roomTom and his crew getting a patient ready for surgeryBlance made this for Dr. Davis and it stayed in his OR all weekThe Chip 'n Dale ShowDr. Hamilton and crew replacing another hipDale helping Dr. DavisDr. Rehnke and Dr. Hamilton reparing another herniaOne of our cooks, Brian preparing the pancakes for breakfastDr. Hamilton and crew making morning roundsBrittany even got a close up look at a hernia with Dr. Rehnke and AnthonyDr. Rehnke taking over anesthesiaRandy and JuanDr. Nanda waiting for his next patientCindy scrubbed in with Dr. Rehnke and Anthony for a gallbladder removalDr. Kepler guiding Jessica with an intubationDavid taking a closer look at surgery with Dr. RehnkeDr. Kepler had a long day todayThe post-op lookDental hygienist, Amy helping Dr. Rehnke with the hernia repairDr. Kepler and Dr. Rehnke taking a little road tripGrill Master, Andrew got a look at a spine with Dr. Davis and DaleDr. Kepler taking a turn at surgery instead of anesthesiaThursday night at the Santo Domingo Hotel for dinnereveryone was exhausted after a fabulous mealHappy Birthday JessicaCarol walking the spinal patients Friday morning as we all say goodbye to these special girlsDr. Hamilton checking on his patients one last timeDr. Hamilton and his patientA before surgery hip...and an after surgery hipThe PT student had all of the men doing their morning leg lifts all at one time...Dr. Davis and Jessica from the Hobras with a special patientThe Santo Domingo hotel is where we all met for lunch on FridayGetting ready for the Celebration DinnerRuthie, Dr. Chip Davis and Padre JosePadre Jose thanked the entire team while Carmen translated for us  A Mariachi Band entertained us while we ateWe all appreciate all of Cindy's hard work getting and keeping this entire team togetherOur view of the Volcanos on Saturday morning before heading to the airport  Tom and Anthony getting the crates ready for the airportLoading all of the trunks onto the truckThe Anesthesia TeamThe team loading onto the chicken bus for the hour ride to the airportDr. Davis giving Andrew a Grill Master awardThe last time the team was together on a chicken busUnloading the crates at the airportChecking in at the airportGoodbye GuatemalaThe entire Chip and Dale teamMarci and her 1st Sail fishDr. Renke removed a large fatty tissue mass from this young girl's neckThe Fishing Trip on Friday MorningBoat #1 Team

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Saturday June 7, 2008 What an amazing sky we woke up to today. We could actually see some of the volcanoes in the far distance behind the clouds. The only sunshine that we have seen all week. Everyone spent the morning getting packed and ready to leave by 8:30 for the airport. It was a late... Read More
Friday June 6, 2008 Their was an early buzz going on at the Quinta this morning. The deep sea fishing team left the hotel at 5am and the Volcano/Horseback riding team left at 6am. The rest of us left at 8am headed to the Obras to see our special patients one last time before we head back to... Read More
Thursday June 5, 2008 Guess what we saw this morning when we woke up.......MORE RAIN!! It stopped just in time for us to walk to the Hobras for the last day in the OR this week. As always, we have lots of hernias, spines and hips to reapair along with lots of gall bladders that need to be... Read More
Wednesday June 4, 2008 Another rainy day in Antigua! The team is doing very well and everyone is still trucking along in the OR. Another amazing day of smiling patients and a very helpful staff at the Hobras met us bright and early this morning. It seemed to set the tone for the entire day.... Read More
Tuesday June 3, 2008 Wow what a day we had today. You give a few people some antibiotics and IV Fluids and it’s amazing the work that can get done. I do believe by this afternoon, everyone was feeling much better. We started our day off with devotions from Carol, and she had us all in tears... Read More
Monday June 2, 2008 Today was our first day in the Operating Room. Of course it was a very busy day. Dr. Hamilton did 2 hip replacements, Dr. Davis had 3 cases, one of which was fixing patient Stefany’s spine. You can see some of her pictures in the photo gallery. Dr. Rehnke and Dr. Nanda were... Read More