Surgery Hartline

Dr. Hartline - ready to go!Are they there yet?  Inquiring minds want to know.Yeah!!  They re coming home!  Will there be presents?  Inquiring minds want to know!The hotel, Quinta de las Flores, at which we are staying is wonderful!  The gardens are unbelievable! We can even see a smoking volcano! Also, weddings are often held at the hotel. This is a photo of the car for a bride and groom.These are some of the gardens at Casa de Fe.This is the chapel at Casa de Fe.Beds at the Casa de Fe, the place patients go to recover before traveling home.One of our leaders, Dr. Randy Hartline, a surgeon from Knoxville, at Casa de Fe going over procedures with the team.These are ladies at Casa de Fe.  Patients there are asked to bring a family member with them to help with care.This is the team entering the Obras, the building housing the orphanage and surgery suites.A team photo in front of the Obras.A resident at the Obras.A resident of the Obras.A young person at the Obras.A child at the Obras.A baby at the Obras, one of the many children there.Surgeons Dr. Greg Glover, from Knoxville, and Dr. Chris Radpour, from Chattanooga, consult before triage.Simi Cherepanov, one of our great interpreters and also a great guitar player, assisting with chapel on Sunday morning.The team at chapel Sunday morning.The team walking to the Obras on Sunday with a volcano in the background.Another photo on the way to the Obras showing streets of Antigua and a volcano in the background.The beautiful rose garden at the Obras.Dr. Skip Farr, a great anesthesiologist from Knoxville, and an interpretor, Kate, assisting Faith in Practice on triage day.The family of a  patient on triage day.This is Carlos, an extremely gifted young man who is in charge of computer operations at the Obras and will be an entering law student here this fall.Young patients at the Obras.Laundry at the Obras. Many handicapped people and children are cared for here.A group of young people from the church of our minister, Reverend Jim McNaull, in Ft. Lauderdale were in the area doing mission work and toured the Obras.This is me, Vonda, the team photographer, at some ruins in Antigua.Scene from a beautiful cathedral in Antigua.Dr. Glover at ruins in Antigua.Some of the fantastic ruins in Antigua!A very nice lady carrying what appears to be a heavy load!CRNA Alex Johnson enjoying some of the wonderful food prepared by our chefs Barbara and Ray McLaughlin.Nurse Kathy Redden.CRNA Faye O Neal.One of the team circulators, Dana Poulin.This is called a chicken bus.  They are brightly colored and are often packed with people.  Many Guatamalans travel on these.Corinne and the team on the way to the Obras.Dr. Randy Hartline and family friend Corinne Jensen, who is helping as an interpretor and in the operating room, in front of a volcano.Our minister, Jim McNaull, also known as Bubba Bean.  He has great sermons, and we love him!Guatemalan assistants from here at the Obras who do a great job.Team leader Johnnie McGill who has been working really hard!Surgeon Dr. Michael Doody.  He and his wonderful wife Toni, who is a nurse, have been on many of these trips and are much appreciated!CRNA Charlene Davis - Suited up and ready to go!Nurse Kim Smith on the first day of surgery.  We have such wonderful nurses!Dr. Greg Glover set to go on the first day of surgery!  The patients are so fortunate to have him and the other doctors, nurses, translators, and volunteers here.Nurse Ashley Reese.Debonair CRNA Alex Johnson!Gay and John Van Osdall along with their beautiful niece, Sarah, who works for Faith in Practice in Antigua.Ladies in the surgery waiting area.Families in the waiting area.One of the ladies waiting in the surgery area.  They are not very familiar with digital cameras and love seeing their images.Corinne - All scrubbed up and ready to go.  Clearly an OR natural!A long line of people seeking help at the Obras.Friends and nurses Jenny Wallace and Toni Doody.Nurse Sandy Wells - She and the others have been working so hard!Ashlee all set to go!A close up of the fountain in the main square.A view from the veranda of the courthouse in Antigua showing the city square and a volcano in the background.A scarlet maccaw at the Santo Domingo hotel, a very nice hotel with ruins and a museum on the site.John Van Osdall with Joe Wiatt.Gay Van Osdall from our team with Joe Wiatt who, along with his wife Vera, founded Faith in Practice.Gay Van Osdall with Vera Wiatt, one of the founders of Faith in Practice.  It was so exciting to have Mr. and Mrs. Wiatt visit!Sarah with a toot toot, a quick, fun, and bouncy way to get around town!Sara and Kim at the Santo DomingoAngela and Charlene at the Santo Domingo.Kim and Sarah at the Santo Domingo.Greg, Sarah, and Simi at the Santo Domingo.  Sarah and Simi are ace interpretors and looked so gorgeous!Charlene, Angela, Kim, and Sara at the Santo Domingo.  They are so pretty, and a good time was had by all!Dr. Greg Glover basking in the warm glow of the admiring glances he received while escorting seven beautiful women to the Santo Domingo!Friends and team members at the hotel.One of our great CRNA s, Suzi Stevens, looking pretty in front of some ruins at our hotel.Firecracker Lindsey on the beautiful grounds of our hotel.Dr. Skip Farr and Dr. Chris Radpour - friends since eighth grade!This is an area near the Obras.  People wash clothing here.One of the very nice ladies in the recovery room.  Of course, we always ask permission before taking pictures of these ladies.Team members working hard in Dr. Radpour s room!Dr. Glover working really hard in surgery.Dr. Glover and Dr. Doody walking to the hospital together.One of the beautiful cathedrals here, called San Francisco.Laurie, the best salesperson in Guatemala (perhaps in all of Latin America), with her sister and also with Greg and Vonda.Getting ready to go!One of our interpretors and patient advocate, Anna.  She does a great job with patients!Sarah and her dad - looking great!

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Friday, May 30 - Surgeries are done for now, but the doctors still need to round on patients. The rest of the day is free time, and we head out tomorrow!
Thursday, May 29 - The last day for surgeries. As usual, we started the day with a devotional and headed to the hospital. People are planning what they want to do on the free day tomorrow. There are several options including, of course, shopping!
Wednesday, May 28 - We had breakfast, devotional a little after 6, and headed for the hospital at the Obras. The ladies in the recovery room seem so grateful! All of the physicians and medical staff have been working incredibly hard. Nevertheless, Dr. Glover told me that he always get back... Read More
Tuesday, May 27 - The doctors and medical staff are working so hard and have very full days! Problems are seen here that are rarely seen in the U.S. For example, one lady’s uterus was completely outside her body. It is sad to see the long lines of people seeking assistance. Our team has done... Read More
Monday, May 26 - Another great day! Our days start early. We eat breakfast, have chapel, and leave for the Obras, where the hospital is, at 7. The surgery patients and families seem very grateful for the work Faith in Practice does here! Also, we appreciate so much Ray and Barbara McLaughlin,... Read More
Sunday, May 25 - We had chapel very early this morning and then left to go to the Obras. This is the day for triage. The surgeons and medical staff determine which patients will have surgery, and surgeries for the week are scheduled. Also, supplies are unpacked. At the end of the day, there... Read More