Surgery Olson

Cat Brunscheon manages pre- and post-op always with a smile.The woman behind the camera, Ann McCollum.Charlotte Stidham and daughter Amanda Hall scrub in for a procedure.Dr. McCollum teaches Amanda how to hand an instrument.Team 190 surgeon groupOne of the many gardens inside the hospital.Triage with Shannon Mack-Cutrer and Debbie Sands.The backbone of the hospital . . .TriageIt s okay to take my pictures but I don t want to smile!Little one in triageBig Smiles from one of the residents of the long term care facility.TriageBig Smiles from one of the residents of the long term care facility.TriageBig Smiles from one of the residents of the long term care facility.TriageEveryone seems very patient and happy waiting in triage.A child in the residential care facility -- took some prodding for the smile, but it was in there!Hospital nurses working hardTriageThe entrance to the hospital and adjoining chapel.TriageTeam 190 . . . Before.A tiny brand new baby swaddling on Mom s back.Lavaderos -- women washing in Antigua Central Park.Proud Grandma.Another little one in triage.Podiatry procedure, Dr. Allan Rothschild and interpreter Camille Maldonado.Dr. Brenda Huenergardt does an exam in preparation for surgery.Patient patients in triage.Inside the beautiful Casa de Fe.Wedding and observerThe volcano behind team members at night in town.Dr. Marc Longo scrubs with local opthalmologist in preparation for plastic surgery on the eye.Our amazing recovery room team.A prayerful procession is lead through the hospital.After the busy week, Dr. McCollum helps to cook hotdogs on the grill at La Quinta.Paulette, Kris, Polly, and Cat happy at the end of the surgery day.Jay Cohen, Joseph Sofia, Anthony Sofia, and Allan Rothschild.Chef Rory cooks up some burgers and dogs.Linda Castaneda with Bernie and Roman Widolff.Brothers Joseph and Anthony SofiaThis was the wedding limo for the bride at our hotel!Young mothers at Casa de Fe.Dr. Charles McCollum and Dr. Brenda Huenergardt ready for a day of surgery.Pat Bynum and Bobby Northern prepare a patient with spinal anesthesia.Ellie Selk and Barb Epidendio check charts.Bobby Northern and Anthony Sofia prepare an ankle for skin graft.Dr. San Miguel and Dr. Lara Longo perform a laparoscopy assisted vaginal hysterectomy.Dr. McCollum and Dr. Brenda Kehoe perform an abdominal hysterectomy.Ankle skin graft.Our fearless leader Deanna Olson, general surgeon and Mission Coordinator.Dr. Huenergardt and Paulette Brooks performing skin graft.Polly helps a patient feel more comfortable before surgery.Polly prays with patient with translator Linda Castaneda before surgery.Anaesthesiologist Dr. Gordon Gornbein.Anesthetist Carolyn Bates preps a patient for surgery.Kris and Angie write charts and check meds in post-op.Linda and Denise Knight in post-op recovery with patient.Dr. Deanna Olson performs laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.Shannon Mack-Cutrer in post-op with patient.Joseph keeps all the records straight.Cat, Charlotte, and Deanna -- our leaders near the end of the first day of surgery.What would we do without Gay Van Odsall, Team Facilitator?Polly Standing, Clergy, leading our first morning devotion.Deanna awaits her next patient.Ann Farrar overseas anesthesia from her position behind the curtain.Dr. Olson does rounds early Tuesday morning.Dr. Huenergardt does rounds early Tuesday morning.Amanda Hall keeps operating rooms stocked and ready, always happy, willing, and ready.Camille with patient receiving podiatry care.Dr. Allan Rothschild gets information from a patient about foot pain.Evelyn Shepard as patient advocate.Mimi Northern serves in OR as nurse circulator.Dr. Kehoe and Dr. McCollum perform hysterectomy assisted by Anthony Sofia.Cat Brunscheon, Team Administraor, has got everything under control . . .Morning devotion in the hotel garden.Joseph takes a break from the computer screen to give me a smile!Bernie Widolff works with local scrub nurses in OR as nurse circulator.John Van Odsall is our Godsend as Team Facilitator.Kris Debauw and Denise Knight keep things pleasant and comfortable in the OR recovery room.Angie Nixon cares for a patient in OR recovery.Sisters Camille Maldonado (translator) and Dr. Virginia San Miguel (Gyn) work together for total patient care.Kris and Camille work with a patient in OR recovery.Casa de Fe leadership: Lesbia and KarenEarly Sunday morning in Antigua.OR Director Charlotte Stidham and daughter Amanda Hall keep ORs stocked and ready.OR Director Charlotte Stidham and daughter Amanda Hall keep ORs stocked and ready.Ann Farrar interviews patients in triage.A family of street musicians.Each morning begins with devotion and singingNo matter how tired everyone is, Polly manages a big smile and loads of inspiration to send the team into the day.Patsy Bynum keeps things in control in anesthesia.Debbie Sands checks an IV.Antigua archChecking equipment in post-op recovery the day before surgeries are scheduled (Dr. Gordon Gornbein, Debbie Sands, Ann Farrar, and Pat Bynum).Barb Epidendia prepares a patient to move to recovery.Carolyn comforts a patient, even when under anesthesia.Dr. Lara Lingo assists Dr. San Miguel in a hysterectomy.Not to be forgotten, the two fellas that keep us nourished!  Our cooks Roy Lee Cutrer and Roman Widolff.Dr. Kehoe gives instructions for patient care during roundsLinda comforts a patient in her native language during convelescence.Dr. Kehoe checks a patient during rounds.Polly and Camille pray with patient during rounds.John Brunscheon is our pharmacist and finance guy.Receiving directions from Dolores, the OR Coordinator ExtraordinaireA family waiting in triage.Checking trunks at airportBernie keeps things going as nurse circulator.The Obras and volcano at night.Amanda talks with a young man with prosthetics from Transistions.Uterus with internal imbedded mass.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008 74 cases in four days. Triage. Pre-op. Surgery. Post-op and recovery. Follow up. Discharge. In four days this team has saved lives; they have made healthier lives. They have touched lives. On a mountaineering expedition there is a concept known as "expedition behavior."... Read More
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 Second wind. "Even the youths shall faint and be weary . . . But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up on wings like eagles; They shall run and not be weary; They shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 41:30-31 Yesterday the last case was... Read More
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 The second day of surgery started with rounds to check up on the patients from yesterday. Rounds started right about 7:00 am, and as each surgeon finished seeing those patients, he or she started right into a busy day of cases for today. Thankfully, patients from... Read More
Monday, May 19, 2008 As the blogger, I will admit up front on this third day of our mission that I am not a medical practitioner. That admission will explain the awe that I was in all day today as I observed the team in action in the OR. Brilliance I tell you. Those in the medical profession... Read More
Sunday, May 18, 2008 Birdsong rang in this beautiful, cool, Sunday morning, our first full day in Antigua and full day of service in the hospital. Polly’s song (Polly is our clergy) continued the morning’s hymn as we celebrated our morning devotional in the unbelievably pleasant and peaceful... Read More
Saturday, May 17, 2008 We’re here! I want to say "somehow we got here . . . ," but the reality is that through careful planning, miraculous scheduling, and frankly, through the grace of God, some 40 of us not only arrived safely and in single pieces, but we brought 80 trunks of medical... Read More