Surgery Glass

Waiting area after examinations begin.Brittany Heller, Page Heller, Nancy Glass, and Meghan Heller at the airport.All dressed up and going to surgery.Alice Chernov demonstrates how to bush teeth properly to a small family.Dr. Nancy Glass mans her station durign hip sugery with Jerry Street.A patient of Dr. Olutoye shows us the mass on his arm.Dr. Yinka Olutoye works to remove a mass of vessels from a little boy s arm.Waiting area before triage.One of the children at Obras because of malnurishment.A tiny girl in traditional clothing balances a ball on her head.One of the many boys who was waiting for surgery evaluation.Brittany Heller with one of the residence at Obras.Brittany Heller samples food to make sure it tastes okay.Hanging on the bus on the way to Antigua.Tria Scott and Luis Vallejo help put on a cast on one of Jerry Street s hip patients.Repairing a cast on one of the hip repair patients.Cathedral on the main square.Dr. Daryl Scott and Dr. Gabriel Sliva examen a baby with a cleft lip and palate as well as other problems.A small girl colors while waiting to see a doctor.Computer workers logging all the procedures from surgery.The constuction site for the new hospital being built in Guatemala City.One of the many patients recovering after surgery.After a long day at the hospital, Daryl Scott takes a nap back at the hotel.Emily Everett leads the team in a devotional every morning after breakfast.The team during devotional.Dinner at the "young" table.Dinner at one of the "adult" tables.Dr. Sliva examens a little girls reaction to a small light.Dr. Daryl Scott and Dr. Gabriel Silva at the site of the new hospital.Father Daryl Scott and daughter Tria Scott get dressed in scrubs for the first day at surgery.Gloria Gonzales, Edgar Gomez, and Alice Chernov in the dental office.A patient of Elsa Echeverri shows her age.Families of all shapes and sizes are seen waiting at Obras.Dentist Elsa Echeverri with one of the friars, who had a wisdom tooth pulled later that day.A small little girl being observed to determine if she has a genetic disorder.A Mayan girl and her mother visit the clinic with their translator.A little girl and her mother prepair to return home.Page Heller plays the guitar while Meghan Heller holds the music.A boy examens his arm after a mass was removed during surgery.Happy and ready to go home.Meghan, Page and Brittany Heller finally where they belong; behind bars.The last hernia patient with his mother in the pre operation room.One of Dr. Jerry Street s patients during a hip surgery.A small girl sleeps in the recovery room after reciving a hip surgery.Mary Power, Sue Stringer, and Julie Good prepare to leave from Bush Airport.Another one of many different cases seen at genetics clinic.Julie Good by the donation tiles in Casa de Fe.Julie Good comforts a little boy after he recieved a hernia repair.Kevin Horn and Robert Powers numb up a patient s leg before beginning to repair it.The hip operation team with their last patient for the trip.The lava flow at Pacaya.Julie Good plays a throwing game with a child before he goes in for surgery.A tiny baby with a cleft lip.Luis Vallejo gets crazy with his choice of scrubs.Sisters Meghan and Brittany Heller relax by the pool.Mary Power plays with one of the patients.Mary Power exercises her cooking skills at the hotel.Anesteia is operated by Mary Powers.Working on the teeth of the many patients we see at Obras.Meghan Heller, Brittany Heller and Luis Vallejo before dinner.Medication makes a fun toy for this little boy after his surgery, before returning home.Meghan Heller contributes to the delicious dinner.Our miracle patient. His estimated four hour surgery took only only two and a half hours.A mother with her daughter before being sent homeIn front of Obras on Saturday.Obras at night time with all the lights on.Extracting all the teeth from a disabled boy who was brought to Obras to recive nutrition.Susan Stringer and Letticia Ramirez relax in between patients at the PACU.Padre Jose and Emily Everett at the celebration dinner on Friday.Everyone cooks under the watchful eye of Page Heller.Page Heller plays "that song".Peek-a-boo is a popular game with many of the patients waiting for surgery.Some of the residents outside of Obras.A mother and her child in the pre-operation room.Playing with a ball in the pre operation room.A patient and her mother play while waiting for evaluation.Mary Powers with the world s biggest set of pliers while helping to clean out a patients leg.The daily procession to Obras to begin a long day of surgery.Physical therapy with Mary Power after knee surgery.Emily Everett reads to kids in the PACU after they recive surgery.One of the many patients in the recovery room the day after surgery.An x-ray of a hip after being surgically repaired.Daryl Scott helps put a hip patient to sleep.Robert Power does his job to make sure the patient is asleep and comfortable before sugery begins.Some of the many ruins inside Antigua.Rhonda Trathen and Robert Powers help Mary Powers scrub in for surgery.Sewing up after finishing hip surgery on one of the smaller patients.Shoe rack at the Obras.Dr. Sliva and his wife explained the work that has gone into the building of a genetics clinic.All smiles after surgery.A young boy laughs and smiles in the pre-operation room as he plays.After having eight teeth pulled and surgery the next day, this little girl is all smiles.A boy being seen in genetics clinic for spine and rib deformities.Sue Stringer helps cook for the team.Sue Stringer prepairs paperwork once pacients leave surgery and come to the PACU.Sherry Allen, Tria Scott and Gloria Gonzales tour the surgery suites.Alice Chernov, Gloria Gonzales and Emily Everett before beginning a long day of surgery.Team meeting at Casa de Fe.Team photo taken at the Quinta de los Flores.Dr. Echeverri examines a little patient s mouth.Dr. Elsa Echeverri and assistants help surgically remove eight teeth from a little girl.Patient is comforted by her mother after having teeth removed.Tria Scott works with the anesteia on a cast repair.Robyn Webb and Daryl Scott work to get the trunks loaded.Loading the trunks.Touring the surgery suites.The trip up volcano Pacaya was one of many tour options to participate in on Friday.Sue Stringer and Laura Jeffries work together on a patient that just got done with surgery.Prepairing a patient to recive an x-ray of his teeth.Dr. Yinka Olutoye explains some of his surgical procedures.Dr. Yinka Olutoye checks his email complete with all the equipment neccesary for operations.

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