Parsley/Urquhart Surgery

Day 7 - Dr. Mark Woolf is discharging this patient from the Obras.Day 7 - Drs. Parsley and Chafey put a cast on a young man. Red is his color.Day 7 - Drs. Parsley and Woolf along with John Davidson work together to put a patient in a body cast.Day 3 -Susan Waters and Nora Fuentes get patient ready in pre-op.Day 3 -Anthony Pogodzinski and Fran Urquhart are reviewing records.Day 3 -DRS.Brad Urquhart and David Chafey check monitors in OR #2.Day 3 -Dr. Woolf gives recovery room team Susan Waters and Kathleen Smith instructions for this patient.Day 3 -Nurse, Marybeth Johnson is helping Dr. Matthew Pogodzinski with his ENT case.Day 3 -Fran Urquhart, Jane Roehrig, and Joann Beckett insure the record are entered into the computer correctly.Day 3 -Drs. Evan Pivailzza and Jamie Sunny evaluate a child in the recovery room.Day 3 -Marilyn Giolma and Jay Handy assist in Or # 3.Day 3 -Barbara Hiller cares for a child. His father is very grateful.Day 3 -Marybeth Johnson, Kathleen Smith and Dr. Prisila Foss bring patient into the recovery room.Day 3 -Kathleen Smith, Barbara Hiller and Jamie Sunny get patient settled in the recovery room.Day 6-Dr. Woolf and Armondo are expaining a patients therapy to the care givers.Day 6 -Dr Parsley and Obras therapist,Yessica plan therapy for this patient.Anesthesiologist, Jamie Sunny work in different operating rooms depending on the case.Day 6-TimPhillips translates for Dr Urquhart as he reassures a mother that her sons surgery went well.Day 6-Pre-OP and Recovery Team  Susan Waters, Florence Palomo, Barbara Hiller,   Kathleen SmithDay 6- Recovery room team gather around a young patient and his mother.Day 6-Jane Roehing and Joann Beckett have done a great job as our circulating nurses.Day 6 -Operating Room #1   Dr. Evan Pivailzza,Jane Roehrig, Dr. Brad Urquhart, Marilyn Giolma, Jeremy Blackmon                                 Day 6-Operating room #3  Front: Obra staffBack: John Davidson,Dr. Brian Parsley, Carla Walters, Dr. David Chafeyday 6-Joann Beckett, Jay Handy and Cedric Dupont hangout after a hard surgery.Day 6-Operating room #2  Ashvin Dewan, Dr. Gonzasles,Dr.Cedric Dupont, Joann Beckett, Deborah Buttke, Jay Handy, Dr. Mark WoolfDay 6-Cooks  Katie Ramey and Beata PogodzinskiDay 6 -Operating room #4  Dr. Prisila Foss, Rosita, Dr. Matt Pogodzinski, Marybeth Johnson, Edith HamersDay 6-Patient Advocate and Translator  Arleen Znosko, Nora Fuentes(translator), Lynda HaulenbeekDay 6-Team Administrators  Debbie Woolf( assistant), Fran UrquhartDay 6- Clergy  Rev. Tim Phillips lead our devotionals each day and translates for our team.Physical Therapist  Margaret Wurdeman, Carol ViktorinDr. Anthony Pogodzinski and Shane Foss take a break.Day 6- Celebration Dinner  Our Team leaders,Fran Urquhart, Mark Woolf, Brian Parsley and Brad Urquhart pass out cerificates at the celebration dinner.Day 6 - Celebration Dinner  Anesthesiologist team, Jamie Sunny, Evan Pivalizza, Prisila Foss and Carla Walters celebrate a job well done.Day 6 -Celebration Dinner  Friends, Marybeth Johnson, Joann Beckett,and Florence Palomo enjoy talking about the week.Day 6 - Celebration Dinner  Jane Roehrig, Barbara Hiller and Edithe Hamers have time to visit before the dinner begins.Day 6 -Marybeth Johnson readies a young patient for a tonsillectomy.Day 2 -Timothy Phillips, our clergyman leads the first devotional of the week. Our dentist from Vancouver,Wa., Pamela Butler listens.Day 2 -Jeremy Blackmon and Joann Beckett inventory supplies for the weeks cases.Day 2 -Debbie Woolf and Fran Urquhart enter patient records.Day 2 -Katie Ramey has dinner waiting for us after a long triage day.Day 2 -Doctor Urquhart examines a young patient while his mother watches.Day 4 -Dr. Urquhart and Nora Fuentes explains treatment to patient's father.Day 4 -John Davidson and Dr. David Chafey ready OR1 for Dr. Parsley and the next hip case.Day 4 -Ashvin Dewan and one of the scrub techs from the Obras assist Dr. Urquhart on a difficult case.Day 4 -Dr. Parsley and Ashvin Dewan make rounds together on Tuesday.Day 4-Jessica, along with Carol Viktorin and Margaret Wurdeman tell students about physical therapy plans for today's patients.Day 4 -Margaret Wurdeman begins this hip replacement patients therapy.Day 4 -Florence Palomo and Lynda Haulenbeek pose with child before she is discharged.Day 4- Deborah Buttke explains to Lynda Haulenbeek instructions for patients.Day 4 -Edith Hamers and Dr. Matt Pogodzinski work in OR 3.Day 4 -Shane Foss get equipment ready for surgeon.Day 4 -Beata Pogodzinski serves the team a mexican dinner.Day 5 -Doctors Mark Woolf, David Chafey and local team make morning rounds.Day 5 -Carol Viktorin gets this patient up after yesterdays surgery.Day 5 -Dr.Brian Parsley and Ashvin Dewan check a patients  during rounds.Day 5 -Dr. Brad Urquhart tells Arleen Znosko what kind of medication to send home with this patient.Day 5 -Brad and Fran Urquhart sing during our morning devotional.Day 5 - Fran Urquhart gives Hanna cards and a puzzle to play with while getting her treatment.Day 5 -Jaun Alejandro will setup the room for the next case.Day 5 -Lynda Haulenbeek and Nora Fuentes explain to this patient and her mother what medication to take at home.Day 5 -Therapist Margaret Wurdeman askes patient if she is dizzy after getting up for the first time after surgery.Day 1 -Ashvin Dewan, Carol Viktorin, Carla Walters, Prisila and Shane Foss ride the bus to the Obras.Day 1- Arleen Znosko, Nora Fuentes and Lynda Haulenbeek wait for our flight.Day 1 - Team 186 wait to load trunks on the Obras truck.Day 1 -Team leaders, Brad Urquhart and Brian Parsley review procedures at Casa de Fe.Day 1 -Team 186 learn the plan for the week at Casa de Fe.Day 1 -Mark Woolf, Brad Urquhart, Nora Fuentes, David Chafey and Arleen Znosko greet Padre Jose at the Obras.Day 1 -Brian Parsley introduces Delores who instructs Team 186 on Obras OR procedures.Day 7 -Ashvin Dewan, John Davidson and Dr. David Chafey help prepare patients to go home.Day 7 -Drs. David Chafey and Brian Parsley tell Margret Wurdeman what therapy this patient need before going home today.Day 2 -Fran Urquhart passes out dental packs to children at triage.

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DAY FIVE: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The volcanoes greet us this morning in all of their post-card glory. The closer volcano, Pacaya, looms especially large. ("Pacaya" we are told is the name for a common vegetable here, something like a spaghetti squash.) Some of our group will... Read More
DAY FOUR: Isn’t this DAY THREE all over again? We wake up to a cloudy and windy day. The day at Obras begins with the doctors checking on their patients from yesterday. There are all kinds of questions-- When can he go home? When can I go back to work? Will I have to come back for a check-up?... Read More
DAY THREE: We work forever and fry our brains. Up and out and we’re on the clock by 7:30am. Some of the knee and hip surgery goes on for 3 hours, and it is _______ to watch (fill in your favorite reaction-to-surgery verb). I will never again break apart a whole cooked chicken into pieces... Read More
DAY TWO: We triage not a few Guatemalans. After morning devotionals, the group walks 10-15 minutes on cobblestone streets to reach the Obras. Altogether we are a group of 3 orthopedic surgeons, an ENT doctor, anesthesiologists, nurses, scrub techs, a surgery scheduling strategist, patient... Read More
Team 186 DAY ONE: We fly, bus and arrive. We assemble at 7am on Saturday morning at Houston Intercontinental Airport. Each team member checks on 2 trunks of medical supplies and off we go. From the Guatemala City Airport we bumpy-bus up and over the mountains to the colonial city of Antigua.... Read More