Surgery Golbus

We begin Sunday touring Casa de FeAnn VercoutereToni Golbus at Casa de FeGlenn and Ron GolbusCameron GarrettJohn visits with Padre Jose, the Franciscan director of the Obras.Toni requests the next patient for an OR.Carolyn Wood and Nancy Hurtado set up their room.After several hours, Meg hands off the removed mass, and sends it to pathology.Rae Ann and Carolyn working with Ann Vercoutere.Ann, Carolyn and MickeyMickey and Tony take their own "time out"...Susan Dean working with Ron and Glenn GolbusNorton Lin places the anesthesiaCathedrals, both beautiful...This little guy is waiting for mom to take him home!See you next year!April also checks in at Case de Fe each day...Monday morning, and a 6am start at the Quinta reveals Fuego and the volcanos surrounding Antigua.Our patients look happy at the moment...Cynthia Minick-Harder with her patient family member.Meg Rodgers, our GYN surgeon working as Mickey assists.Rae Ann Siewert is the scrub nurse for this case.Nancy Hurtado works with RonAria Kabiri, anesthetist, is with us on her first FIP trip.Fred and Cynthia.Cindy Hill scrubbed into yet another lap chole.Meg Rodgers prepares the patient for her cystectomy.This is the largest ovarian cyst the team had ever seen.Marilyn Ewing with Caroline.Mickey finishing up some Post-Op notes.Mickey scrubs in to assist Meg.Fred Wood also worked closely with Ron.Anxious moments as the large team works for several hours on this unusual case.Ann Vercoutere joins the team to help with the vascular repairs.Ron scrubs in to assist.Ron and Ann working to separate the cyst.Robert scrubs in to close the skin.After surgery, April translates while Ann explains to a spouse how the procedure went.Cindy Schmidt prepares the anesthesia....even the small ones.What's on TV? (Must be another gall bladder!)Ron and Glenn worked together all week.In the evening, everyone relaxes, and shares the stories of the day.Karen Eaton, who stayed over from the village trip last week, assisted the surgeons.Susan Burke, circulator in Eduardo's room for the week, relaxing in the evening at dinner.As the week closes...Nancy Hurtado hands an instrument to Ron while Robert looks on.Ann and Carolyn conduct a "time out" with the patient before her procedure.Norton prepares her....the team wishes all of our sponsors and donors...Sarah, an FIP liason at Casa de Fe, gives us the facility tour.Jean Rogers in front of the chapelTeam introductionsMickey Golbus, our team leader, gives the instructions for the week.John Long, one of our trip coordinatorsA convalescing patient.Ted Scott, our clergyman, gives the topic for the week:  The Spirit of Life .Team 185 in front of the ObrasMickey explains the process for does Dolores, the local OR meet the patients waiting at Triage.Paul Preston reviews another patient with his interpreter, April Green....and the anesthesia team clears them for surgical options.Pre-op instructions are given by Rosa, a local Guate volunteer at the Obras...  while the others patiently wait.Jean entertains one of our young candidates...Mickey begins to build the surgery schedule for the week......while Susan Maggiora translates for another patient.The doctors see the Bob Ewing, our FIP team facilitator, looks on.We return to the Obras...Robert Karoukian, one of our anesthesiologists, discusses the case with Paul and Mickey.Eduardo, 15, speaks excellent English!Sunday is the first work day for Win Meek, one of the two team dentists.Cam hard at work.One of the local dental techs assisting the team."Where'd they all go???Win puts on the finishing touches.Roberta Friend pulls double duty as she assists as well as translates for the dental team.Another group of family members have been waiting patiently in the courtyard for good news."I hope Mom's OK!"Susan really enjoys her job!Jackie Tribolet also worked as translator with Susan in Recovery.Felicity and Eduardo working in the second GYN room.Edgar and Niko, part of Dolores staff, help run the Pre-Op area.Helen Morita...Margaret Petrie checks with Ron for orders in Recovery.Fred Wood scrubs, and prepares to assist with the ureter repair.Ted gives us the daily theme,...onto the cobblestone streets, past the city walls.Volcan Agua towers over the city as well.April talks with a woman who's feeling much better today......while Ron reviews a chart with the Obras staff.Each morning, the docs round on the patients in the Recovery Ward at the Obras....and translates for Ron as well.Eduardo speaks with his patient...The lines begin to form for one of the many Obras clinics.Our patients assemble outside the door to Pre-Op.Ted assembles them all for prayer.He heads in to Pre-Op with Carlos, a local volunteer translator."I'm ready to go home now!".Caroline Adams, a translator, talks with a patient about the upcoming procedure.Karen Preston, the Bodega Queen!...with a couple of her patients in Recovery.Christine Kitchen takes a quick break in the middle of a very long day.While the group has been working in the Obras, our cooks have had a busy day, too, shopping in the markets.Elizabeth Cooper and Kathleen Young picking up supplies for the tonight's dinner.Sarah Young and Susan Goldsborough comparing the relative merits of avocados.Now these are pineapples!!!Back at the Quinta, the real work begins.No tears for these pros!Caroline translates to a relieved loved one....and Karen Preston leads us in song.A beautiful setting for reflection before a busy day.Felicity Thompson heads out......passing some of the local people...They're smiling because they know dinner is waiting back at the Quinta.Susan Goldsborough, one of our cooking team, bids us farewell,The Quinta grounds are a perfect setting......and our morning devotional....for a quiet breakfast...The children are starting their day as we begin ours.are scattered throughout this historic Aria, Christine and Cynthia Schmidt leave our beautiful surroundings for the Obras....a heartfelt "THANKS!" for your support of this critical mission.Family members begin their wait for word on their loved ones....and ancient......where patients and family members rest until it's time for their long trip home.Some of the women waiting for their loved ones.A mother and her son......una abuela...Jeanne entertains a couple of brothers....and a Mayan patient with her translator from Companeros de Salud.Felicity, Eduardo and Fred can't believe the last of the day's cases are complete!Ann back to work on another lap chole.The dental team celebrates, after finishing a long day!

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Friday, April 11, we returned to the Obras to meet Padre Jose for a tour of the facility. The docs made their final rounds on the week’s patients, and we said our farewells to Dolores’s staff. Afterwards, some of us went into the city and joined the Elisabeth Bell Tour, learning a piece of the... Read More
Thursday, April 10, and we prepared for our last day of surgeries. The team’s theme at the devotional was "The Spirit as Water". We talked about the restorative nature of water, and how we, as care givers, often forget that we, too, need to be restored. The docs, with their "traductoras" (... Read More
Wednesday, April 9, and Ted’s theme for today was "The Spirit as Healing and Regeneration". After yesterday’s incredible case, he reminded us that healing begins almost immediately after surgery and that the Spirit of Life, more than anything, heals and restores. The docs began their daily... Read More
Tuesday, April 8, and another early start with breakfast and Ted’s daily service. His theme today was the Spirit as Fire, or Creative Destruction. He talks about how we’ve all been tested, have had a sense of "going through the fire", and how the Spirit has qualities of fire, (creative... Read More
Monday, April 7, we began at 6am with breakfast and our devotional. Today’s theme was "The Spirit as Life Itself". Ted asked us, "What forms has the Spirit taken in our lives, and how have we co-created with the Spirit, applying our natural gifts and talents?" Mickey’s theme for the week was "... Read More
Sunday, April 6, we rose early in the morning to assemble the team for breakfast, and then we headed off to Casa de Fe for a short tour of the facility, an attractively constructed two-story facility designed for up to 100 men, women and children housed in dormitory fashion. They have sleeping... Read More