Surgery Patzun

Alma prepares a patientAna with a patient in pre-opBrenda takes notesChris & TheresaChris, Julie, Jay & ColleenDina & Lola ConsultEloisa, Rebekah & HermanaJeff with a patientKyle & Colleen in surgeryKyle, Jay and ChrisKyle operatesLola Brenda & StaceyMike walks to work with the goats (and his coffee of course)Natalia chartsNursese in Pre-Op/Post-OpStacey works in recoveryWilson's OR TeamAdam Prays with a patientChris keeps a patient comfortable  Dr. Wilson. Dr. Umberto & EloisaLola gives Ed adviceJulie wonders what will happen if she pulls this plugKyle & Wilson chart Post Operative NotesWilson & Sara with a patient in Post-OpWilson, Mike & Jeff prepare a patient for surgeryWilson operates assisted by Dr. Gonzales, Linda & Eloisa

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