Surgery Peten Shalom

The A-Team...anesthesia, that is!Waiting at the gate of Hospital Shalom for Village Team clinicAll aboard!!Boarding the bus heading for Hospital Shalom in the early morning.Checking the charts.Team 173 at the end of a successful week!!Recording surgical plans with patient.Our first test of  faith--the DC 3 that will take us to Flores.David Ewing ,our devotional leader, gives the Sunday morning devotionalGetting instructions for a patient going home.Early morning rounds on first day patients.Dr. Doody reassures his patient.Checking the progress.Second patient is dismissed.  They are so apprciative of the loving care given by the FIP team!Celebration!  First patient goes home with her most grateful family.Lots of hand holding for our youngest surgical patientFamily rejoices at good news.A quick look around Hospital Shalom.Family visits their loved one.These lovely missionaries with Hospital Shalom provide delicious lunches for us each day.The families show such great love and care.Non-medical professionals acquire medical skills.Celebrating success!Anesthesia counseling ends with a hug.The end of a busy day.Relationships develop between FIP and local staffEnd of the week packing up!!Sally translates for our pilot.Surgery begins!Celebrating our safe arrival in Flores.Decision making with patients.Touching lives in special ways.Trip 173 arrives with the trunks!!!!Much time is spent unpacking the trunks.Valentine`s Day dismissal of very grateful patientTriage day bings many patients to the hospital.Wall in patient waiting area... agle moasic with Psalm 103: 2-5

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Final rounds are made by the doctors and translaters on Friday morning....all but one patient will be ready to go home by tomorrow. Our last patient will stay at least a week longer in the hospital--all arrangements have been made for her continued care. The team surprised all the patients... Read More
One very special new patient, referred by the village team, arrived today. Only 19 years old, she has experienced a miscarriage and needs a D and C. Mother of two, she has never seen a doctor before. She is very frightened. She has been abused by her husband and is now living with her parents... Read More
Surgeries continue--nine successful major cases today--very late night in the surgury unit. We experience the joy and emotion of our first patients heading home. They have been such a blessing to all of us: trusting, loving and so very patient. For many of these women, this is a totally new... Read More
Hospital Shalom is a beautiful facility with two surgery, clean, and well equipped. Our two surgical tems had a very successful first day giving loving care to these gracious Guatemalen women. Many support staff were kept busy....translating, preparing charts, entering data,... Read More
David Ewing began our morning with an inspirational devotional focusing on our need to keep our eyes on our Lord. David and his wife, Janice, have replaced Tim Spurrier and his wife as administrators at Hospital Shalom. Tim, who built the hospital, has returned to the U.S. for cancer treatment... Read More
We have safely arrived in Flores. It has been an exciting day of many adventures. Houston to Guatemala City leg was successful as all the trunks arrived with us. Our trip from Guatemala City to Flores was one we will all remember!! Our plane was a DC 3 built in 1943....but our pilot assured us... Read More