Golbus Surgery

The new mural in the Obras chapel, celebrating their 25th anniversary.Lisa and Susan before triage starts.Padre JoseOpening boxes on Sunday.More trunks!Ricardo and Richard try to de-bug the program.Fred has everything well in hand in Recovery....Team 148 w/ Padre JoseThe greeterKathy meets one of the young residentsLos ni os de Hermano PedroMickey Golbus explains last minute details before the doctors begin TriageTriage patients wait their turnsKaren Preston, "The Bodega Queen", sets up the pharmacy for the week."No, we're not taking them all out..." (Roberta Friend, our dental translator)Alan Cascio, one of our dentists.Richard Rozen, dentist #2.After scheduling, April Green, our patient advocate, works with one of the CC translators to give pre-op instructions to a patient in Keqchi.The patients leave us in stitches too!Lata works as Will interprets on a brief history and physicalGlenn Golbus working in the H&P screeningLisa Everson, one of the Gyn surgeons, discusses the process...Mickey receives the patients after their examination, and builds the schedule for surgerywhile Sylvia, our other Gyn surgeon, prepares for the exam on her patient.Ron gives a family member care instructions through the interpreter.Mickey and Sylvia discuss schedule and room changes...Helen Morita and Susan in Recovery.and writes orders for another.Doloresthe OR's,Paul and Sreelata MaddipatiReba who?and their families.Discussing Anne's last case.Monday sunrise on the volcano.Off to school.Breakfast in front of the Obras.Out on the Obras wards...The docs round on their patients.Having mom here brings a smile.Sylvia checking in.Each day's schedule begins with the youngest patients...Susan Maggiora calls role for today's patients.Nervously waiting to hear their name.Our youngsters have returned from the ORs.Fred Wood and Glenn Golbus discuss their cases.Mark Anderegg controls the anesthesia for one of Ron's cases.as does Lisa Everson,Fred Wood assisted every day,Felicity Thompson and Carolyn Wood prepare their room.Paul Preston supervised the anesthesia team.Felicity and Sylvia see eye to eye on this one...Carolyn WoodCarolyn Garduno injecting drugs.as did Glenn.Ann Vercoutere,-and places a block on another.Diane Archibald prepares the instruments.I want YOU for FIP!Jean Levinson with Helen and Barb Sperry.Barb charting our patient's progress.Toni Golbus and Will Guerra do one final check on today's surgery schedule.Mary Fitzgerald, Pre-Op nurse, looks for her next patient...Entrance to the ObrasObras Sociales Santo Hermano Pedro...with some big smiles!Ron Golbus begins a case...Jan helping Ron.Dr. Sem, the local surgical doctor at the Obras, also scrubbed in.She's awake and smiling!Fred says, "See you next year!"The Obras ward nursesMeanwhile, the convalescing patients leave their rooms in the ward to enjoy some sun, and visit with their loved ones.Sisters!Ron and Ann type Post-Op notes.and Mickey finds a way to add several more patients to the schedule.Will translates the outcome of the procedure with a patient's husband.Paul Sweet gives us the theme for the devotionals this week, "Be still, and know that I am God".The team at morning serviceswhile mom is right there for support.I'm not too sure of this-as does Ann Vercoutere.-but my new stuffed friend will keep me happy!!!Ron rounds on his patients,Our dental team, with their local assistant, in the Dental Treatment room."You're going to do WHAT???"The line forms for the dental clinic.Paul offers assurance....calls her in to Pre-Op...Susan translates as Paul prays with the patients before they go into Pre-Op.Residents enjoying the warm sunKathy Baske brings back her patientOut in the courtyard below the Triage clinic....and prepares her and her husband for the procedure.Outside the Obras, some professional shoppers take advantage of some down time.Early breakfast before we leave for the Obras.Our base camp, the Quinta de las Flores.Tuesday morning, and Agua looks great!Kathy, Jan and Glen in the gardens.Sister greets her studentsMonday morning, and off to work!April chats with one of the patients in the Women's Ward.Thursday is the final day of surgeries, so everyone gathers with their teammates for some group shots.  First, the OR nurses......and Dolores with her staff....then the anesthesiologists...Karen Preston and Kathy check labels.Jan O'Brien prepares her instruments.Nancy Parsons and Diane.Kathy Baske and Jan O'BrienToni brings a patient back to the OR.Christine Kitchen and Susan Dean are teammates...Gershon Levinson puts his patient to sleep.Carolyn, Carolyn and Felicity.Lisa visits a patient in Post-Op,Lata and her patient in Pre-Op....the surgeons...Dolores and Dr. SemGolbus, Golbus, Golbus and Golbus...Toni and AprilThe doctors scrub for surgeryand her staffhelp us prepare the patientsSreelata Maddipati places the anesthesia.Paul shares one more prayer before the procedure.Nothing works if Will isn't there to help us communicate with patients and family.Last patient out to the floor!  (Hope they saved some dinner for us...)and Sylvia Abularach.Counting out...Recovery fills up as the docs finish the surgeries.The cooks are off to work also, heading to the market buying food for tonight's meal.So many choices!!!In the market, the sights, smells and sounds or overwhelming!Elisabeth Cooper, Suzanne Grady and Kathleen Young among the market flowers.Buying locally made chocolate at the Bodegona.Elisabeth gets an idea for dinner from the folks at Epicure.Sunday evening, "This was just the first day???"Wednesday we visit Casa de Fe.  Through the interpreters from Companeros en Cirugia, we learn a bit about these women who came in from the Izabal area.The women's dormitory.The women traditionally do not cut their hair.April talks with the Keqchi-speaking CC interpreter, and discusses how often the women should take their pain meds.A husband, also staying at Casa de Fe, visits with his wife.April in the Casa's courtyard."This isn't the rabbit from Epicure, is it?"Master grillersMeanwhile, back at the ranch the cooks are preparing for the return of the hospital team."Elisabeth, what goes in after the mangos?""Is it the doctors' turn to do dishes tonight?"Maybe we should just have a little, to make sure it's OK....John and Gay Van Osdall, our team facilitators, with Mickey and Toni.Toni talks with another patient.Mickey works as Susan interprets.Friday, the docs make final rounds.

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Saturday 3/10, and it’s departure time. We leave for the airport with our empty trunks, our "regalitos", and our memories. The travels back home don’t seem so arduous now, compared to the journeys our patients took just to see us. For a short time our team was its own family and we worked hard... Read More
Friday 3/9, our team takes advantage of this day to experience the city and surrounding areas. After completing rounds and other tasks at the Obras, some shop in the colorful artisan market or just stroll through town and admire the beautiful sights and architecture. A city walking tour is... Read More
Thursday 3/8, our final surgical day. When finished this week, our surgical team has completed sixty-nine cases, and our dentists treated well over a hundred people. Among other things, we are rounding out the record of our mission here and collecting the last of the photos and stories... Read More
Wednesday, 3/7, and our routine is well established. Another full day of surgeries. As all of the team continues their respective duties, it’s important to understand the relationships that facilitate bringing these critical medical services to the disadvantaged people of Guatemala. The Obras... Read More
Tuesday 3/6, we’re up again before first light to begin our second day of surgeries. We meet for breakfast and then our devotional, surrounded in the crisp, clear air by the beautiful gardens of the Quinta and the majestic volcanoes that tower over the city. The beauty of God’s creation... Read More
Monday 3/5, we’re eager and ready for our first day of procedures at the Obras. After our morning devotional, team members march off to Hermano Pedro to meet the challenges of the day. The sun is up, and the city is coming to life. We move through throngs of school children walking to class... Read More