Peters Surgery

Dental Clinic Day OneDr. Peters Triage DayDr. Peters Skin GraftGeorgie Weston Tour of ObrasGerri Orler helps with an epiduralDr Greebon Tour of ObrasJill Gill Teaches an Oral Hygiene ClassDr. White and Sue King Close a hand surgeryLarry Stephens in Action!Lisa Price ScrubsDr. Greebon and Lisa PriceJill Gill Working Hard in Dental ClinicOur Hard Working Dental TeamPeggy Walsh Triage DayPastor Jobe prays with a patient

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WORDS OF APPRECIATION FROM YOUR DALLAS GUATEMALA TEAM FOR FAITH IN PRACTICE Our Team from the Metroplex landed in Dallas on Saturday afternoon filled with awe and gratitude for the work that had been accomplished during the week in Guatemala but made possible only because the vast multitude of... Read More
Tuesday, February 27, 2007 Dear Friends- I am happy to report the team’s energy level is at an all time high today. As we suspected, the triage process and yesterday’s first day of surgery were both record setters for our team. Dr’s Peters, White, Greebon, and Fox together performed a total of... Read More
Sunday, February 25, 2007 Hello Friends of Faith In Practice- I’m happy to report that Team 146 has arrived safely in Antigua, Guatemala! What a relief it was on Friday evening to have every trunk, team member and piece of luggage accounted for. The flight was short and uneventful for the most... Read More