Inglesby Surgery/Village

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Saturday, Feb 23, 2007 Our week has been one of many memories and stories. Each volunteer has experienced a journey that will forever remain sketeched in their hearts. As we depart Guatemala, we will remember the faces we have seen, and the lifes we have touched here in Guatemala. While it is... Read More
Thursday, Feb 22, 2007 Busy days, restful nights! Between our village team, surgical team and kitchen staff, we all are working long, but glorious hours - what a priviledge it is to be able to serve our Lord by providing care here in Guatemala. We have completed almost 80 surgeries at the... Read More
Tuesday, Feb 20, 2007 Traveling to Potsun, our village team saw ~270 patients, with some referrals to the Obras for surgery. Our recovery room staff was tremendously busy with several critical cases, with one requiring members of our team to stay the night to provide care to one child... Read More
Monday, Feb 19, 2007 Starting our day quite early, our villlage team traveled to Simihuealue where they saw ~220 patients. The hospital team was hustling all day, completing ~20 cases in the area of plastics, general surgery and ENT. The need here in Guatemala is so overwhelming, that we can... Read More
Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 What a remarkable and glorifying day it has been. We have approximately 76 surgeries scheduled for this week. Our patients have traveled great distances to wait in line, with the hope that they will be able to receive care from our FIP team. We eagerly anticipate starting... Read More
Saturday, Feb 17, 2007 While our day began early, it was a wonderful morning to wake up to the sounds of the ever faithful rooster behind the Hotel Catalina, the ringing of the arch bell, and the beginning of the awakening sounds of Antigua. As is always the practice of our groups, we started... Read More