Johnson Village

Locations 11-Days 1 and 2, the school-turned-into-clinicLocations 12-Days 1 and 2, a house in the villageLocations 13-Days 1 and 2, villagers building a home in their new village siteLocations 14-Days 1 and 2, at the top of the worldLocations 15: Days 1 and 2, lining up to see a doctorLocations 16-Days 1 and 2, the line was long before the vans were unloadedLocations 17: Day 3-the line was even longer when the team arrivedLocations 18-Day 3, the outdoor pharmacyLocations 19-Day 3, the middle school transformed to clinic with triage, general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry and pharmacyLocations 20-Day 4, two-thirds of the clinic was set up in a school under constructionLocations 21-Day 4, the line at triage was longLocations 22-Day 4, the villageLocations 23-Day 4, a home...Locations 24-Day 4,...and another homeLogistics 1-Loading supplies in AntiguaLogistics 10-Next Food Network star in clinic lunchroomLogistics 2-More supplies, more directionsLogistics 3-Flat tire, high spirits!Logistics 4-Delivering blankets to the villagers...Logistics 5...a delivery at 9,000-feetLogistics 6-Directing trafficLogistics 7-What's in all those trunks? Here's an example...Logistics 8-A back-saving solutionLogistics 9-Constructing a clinic, quickly and creativelyVillagers 100Villagers 85Villagers 86Villagers 87Villagers 88Villagers 89Villagers 90Villagers 91Villagers 92Villagers 93Villagers 94Villagers 95Villagers 96Villagers 97Villagers 98Villagers 99Volunteers 25Volunteers 26Volunteers 27Volunteers 28Volunteers 29Volunteers 30Volunteers 31Volunteers 32Volunteers 33Volunteers 34Volunteers 35Volunteers 36Volunteers 37Volunteers 38Volunteers 39Volunteers 40Volunteers 41Volunteers 42Volunteers 43Volunteers 44Volunteers 45Volunteers 46Volunteers 47Volunteers 48Volunteers 49Volunteers 50Volunteers 51Volunteers 52Volunteers 53Volunteers 54Volunteers 55Volunteers 56Volunteers 57Volunteers 58Volunteers 59Volunteers 60Volunteers 61Volunteers 62Volunteers 63Volunteers 64Volunteers 65Volunteers 66Volunteers 67Volunteers 68Volunteers 69Volunteers 70Volunteers 71Volunteers 72Volunteers 73Volunteers 74Volunteers 75Volunteers 76Volunteers 77Volunteers 78Volunteers 79Volunteers 80Volunteers 81Volunteers 82Volunteers 83Volunteers 84

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Trip 143, THURSDAY: Quote of the Day: Build it and they will come. Kevin Costner Okay, Costner didn’t join us today. But we set up two-thirds of our clinic in a school that was under construction. (The other third was in a completed structure a half mile away.) No tables, chairs or desks to... Read More
Trip 143, WEDNESDAY: We do what we can... Quotes of the Day: My wife died and my heart hurts. My mother died and I am sad all the time. Clinic Patients Today whole families came together to the clinic we established at a school about 1,000 feet down the mountain from our Monday-Tuesday... Read More
Trip 143, TUESDAY: The bus is rowdy in the morning. During the 2-3 hour bus ride from Lake Atitlan to the village school-turned-into-clinic, people are laughing, talking, sharing stories. The ride home is more quiet, a result of both exhaustion and reflection. We saw many patients again today... Read More
Trip 143, MONDAY: We packed a bus and 2 vans full of supplies yesterday, and two flat tires later, we arrived in Antigua. Today we were back on the road for 3 hours to set up a Faith in Practice clinic in Santa Catarina at 9,000 feet. People of all ages were lined up immediately. Quote of the... Read More