Chenault Village

team learning about Casa de FeDavid overseeing the boarding processcozy cargo plane seatingRuth Hamilton on the ferry rideenjoying the view after eatinga family getting aroundAnother boat ride on Tuesday morningGoing thru Houston airport very early on SaturdayFriend of FIP helps with the trunks at Houston airportAsst. Logistics coordinator directing traffic at Houston airportAnother friend of FIP assists Dr. Birken and Dr. Rigo at airportChenault family and Melissa King at airportPaul Nazarian, the team spiritual advisor, checking in at airportanother group shotJoe Wiatt trying to slip on his nametageveryone survived the 45 minute flight to Rio DulceDr. Rivas meets one of our many military guidestransferring trunks and supplies to vanour arriving Naval airportAnother bus ride from regional airport to our Rio Dulce hotelbus ride from Puerto Barrios leads to ferry boat for ride on Rio Dulce and Lago de Izabaleveryone enjoying some chicken from Campero fast food, including Flor de Maria, our first Naval guide.Vera Wiatt taking a snooze on long boat rideFirst team meeting at Hotel Vinas del Lago, our temporary home.VIA/Cryo team meeting at hotelsing-a-long before dinnerenjoying our first dinner at Vinas del Lagoearly depature for our first villageWe board one of four boats which will take us on our daily trips to the different villages.glorious sunrise greets us on our first village tripsome of the team memberssome more team membersand yet another boat of team membersreaching our first pier in El Estorsome of the planks seem to be missing...this bus will take us our different villages every dayOur military friends will help load, transport, and protect our trunks filled with medicines and suppliessome of our patients in first village, ChichipateDr. Rigo with some of his patientspatient with minor ailment - the goiter was not her problemquick lunch to restore our energypatient with infected sores on his footpatients in line to be seenfew more patientsDr. Gardner with Megan Chenault, one of the translators, and a K'iche' translator, with a patienta young patient with sores on his handsone of the boats running smoothlySecond village stop - El Boqueronsome of our valuable volunteersstarting the day with Guatemalan national anthemFlor, our Naval angel, salutes during the anthempicture of the injured legPhil and Eunice talking to a patient with leg problemssome young patientsthe pharmacy in actionpatients waiting to be seenthe larger waiting areathe dental clinican eager young patienta sick boy waiting to get his shotas the day winds down, some curious children wait to say good-byheading home after a hard dayglorious sunset greet us upon our return trek to hotelenjoying the ride backtaking a quick breakgathering before dinnersomeone actually brought a karaoke machine, which entertained allMother and daughter early Wed. morninggoing thru the breakfast line with coffee in handThe Chenault family getting ready for another long daysome of the team members on the boat towards Wednesday's destination - Los Cerritosa spectacular morning viewone of the team boatsanother boat gets caught in a fishing linedisabled boat gets towed after getting caught on fishing linePatti shows off her hatArrive in Los Cerritos and start to set up shop in a schoola mother with her child getting ready for the doctorDoctor examining a boy's handsPhil and Eunice with a patienta sweet girl patiently waits for the doctorMark treating an entire familyDavid moves his "office" from a school room to outside due to the heatthe team bus waits on the road by the corn fieldssome of the team members heading to the bus after wrapping up for the dayfamily heading home after visiting the doctorsmaking a quick beer run before getting back on the boat for the return triploading the boats one more timemother and daughter wait for the next boatanother great sunset to complete another successful daysome singing to go with dinner as part of our relaxationprivate pier of finca where we'll land in Agua CalienteGay reacting to Paul's insect repellentfirst glimpse of the school where we'll set upinitial team determining the set-up as some of the village women chatlittle boy watching alllittle girl watching the bus full of people (us)lines are starting to formunloading of the remaining supplies for Pharmacy among other needsstart of last village visit at Agua CalienteMark prepping his tables for patientsthe OB/GYN set-upyoung patient with his familyDavid with a family of patientsanother family being seen by doctorview of the school set-uppatient line to see doctorssome boys posing for usDavid fitting a solar-powered hearing aidTerry holding baby in Pharmacy waiting areaBertha trying to chear up one of the patients after Mark made him cryanother young patient happy to see usour 100-year old patientanother large family being seenGirl with no outer ear that is referred to Las ObrasA small family portraitquick lunch break to honor one of our local doctorsMark performing quick surgery to correct a boy's belly buttonanother family portraitthe Pharmacy waiting area at the end of the dayDave packing up his materialsDavid, Mark, and David for a quick pose before leavingour military helpers protecting our trunksOur Military helpers posing with Berthathe nearby church as we get back on busheaded home, we spot a young girl with the glove balloon the Dental team gave the childrenbus takes a quick break as the cows cross the streetThursday night, Phil recounts one of his storiesGus recounts one of his stories as wellone more group shot at dinnerour kitchen staff are recognized on our last nightpacking up on Friday for return adventure to AntiguaPaul excited about the bus ridewelcome sign at the military airport in Guatemala Cityfinal unboarding of rickety bus which lost a rear window on day onegetting settled one last time in cargo planeDr. Rigo trying to forget he's on planeJohn making some final accounting entriessome of our military friendsone last shot with crewJohn and Gay with cargo planeGus on his last bus ride as co-pilotour final dinner to celebrate our tripPaul and DavidBill and Joanne practicing their team songdental team Friday nightSusan with her translator MeganRandy with his translator Normapictures with the Padremore pictures with the Padre before dinnerPhil with his translator, EuniceDavid and Vera before dinneranother team shotanother team shotEunice translating for the Padrefinal team prayer before dinnerDavid and Dave - the logistics mastersThe Hamiltonsone of the dinner tablesanother dinner tableyet another dinner tablefinal dinner tablethe start of the recognition ceremonyRuth being honoredsome more recognitionMark with his translator, BerthaSusan toasting Meganmore recognitionrecognition continues...and more recognitionFrieda being recognizedDavid gets emotionalGus gets the final recognitionRandy reciting his short story of the tripBill leading us in the team songBack in Houston picking up our trunksJoanne wondering where her trunks are...Eunice is ready to goa familiar sight greeting us all homefinal good-byes at the airportMother and Daughter looking forward to some restEven the pets greeted us back homemonster truck loading all the trunkswith the help of a large trailerPatiently waiting for delayed Guatemala flightDr. Chenault with Dr. Rivas at airportFirst glimpse of Guatemala from the planeTeam patiently sits in first of many bus trips at airport, waiting for missing bus and on the way to Case de FeTeam members listening to Casa de Fe introductionTeam getting tour of Christmas nativity scene at Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano PedroOne of several operating rooms at ObrasThe Padre welcoming the team at ObrasSunday morning in Antigua getting ready for long trip to Rio Dulce, our home base for the next 5 nights.A brief devotional before starting the dayback in the bus and headed to military air baseafter bumpy bus ride, the impressive cargo plane which is to take us to Rio DulceTeam picture before we board headed to Rio Dulcegetting organized at Road Runnertrunk packing continuesanother volunteer ready with her packed trunksquick pose before boardingone last view of the naturally beautiful grounds at the hotel before we start boardingdispensing some of the medicinesa few more shots of the day at El Cerritosanother view of the turnout at Los Cerritosone last shot of the clinic in Los Cerritosorganizing and reviewingsome of the volunteers taking their trunks homemore planningpacking of supplies begins several weeks before trip at Road Runner warehousesome toothbrushes ready for the triphere's some of what goes inside a trunktrunk contents organized

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