Johnson Village

Trip 137 group in front of Hopsital Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano PedroDinner in Antiguapatients arriving by boatBob works at triageCarlos at the dental clinicCarlos with a dental patienCasa de Fe entranceCasa de Fe dormLunch at Casa de FeChris and Jeff newly arrived in GuatemalaChris and patientsBoats for Cocoli departureCocoli children wait at the PharmacyCocoli clinicA view of CocoliDeborah and patientsGary the dentist in actionEd at the pharmacyEd the PharmacistJoe and Terry in the boat #1Joe and Terry's boat takes on waterJoe and Terry in the waterGirl with balloonGyn set-up in Sarstun137: Henry and GaryHenry and patientsHenry in fashionable pinkHospital ORJeff and patientsGary and EdJoe BellJoe and DeborahJoe works the triage line in Sarstun137: KayLindaLivingstonTriage line in CocoliMarilyn and some friendly Sarstun childrenMarilyn, Joanne, and a childMelNancyOn the boat to Sarstunpatients arriving in a canoePatients waiting inSarstunPatti at triagePeterPhil and patientRon at the clinicSarstun homesSarstun childrenKids in a box, SarstunCocoli Pharmacy set upShelby and patientSunset over SarstunTerry and a babyTerry in the pharmacyThe trunksThe trunks arrived in SarstunTom on the boat to SarstunTwyla and patientsVIA class

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Day 7, March 24, 2006 The day began with a little rain, but by afternoon the sun was out. We ate and shopped and toured the city of Antigua. Part of our group spent the morning unloading the unused upplies from the trunks at the Obras hospital. We heavily contributed to the local economy,... Read More
Day 6, March 23, 2006 A long day today. Early start on the Guatemalan Navy boat to the village of Cocoli. Clinics were set up under a thatched roof, with dentistry , pediatrics, and Pharmacy in the open air. Plenty of business for the half-day clinic. We left some supplies with Lucy, the local... Read More
Day 5, March 22, 2006 Another day at Sarstun. We weren’t nearly as inundated with patients as on Day 4, but still saw plenty. There were some interesting cases for the doctors, including a very ill toddler in grave danger from a serous infection. She responded well to antibiotic injection, and... Read More
Day 4, March 21, 2006 Another busy day. Apparently word got out that we were in Sarstun, and the number of people seeking care nearly doubled. The triage lines were long, and the pharmacy was jammed with people for the entire day. The boat ride today was still exciting on the way back, but... Read More
Day 3, March 20, 2006 What a day! We left at 6:30 a.m. for a 1.5 hour ride to Sarstun, on a Guatemalan Navy vessel. The trip out was easy, on peaceful seas (which left us totally unprepared for how the ocean can change its demeanor in just a few hours). We set up the clinic in a 3 room school... Read More
Day 2, March 19, 2006 We just finished a lovely seafood buffet at the Delfin Posada in Liingston, then gathered for a devotional meeting and our intructions from tomorrow morning. Today began early (4:45 a.m) when we checked out of the hotel in Antigua, had a quick breakfast at the Casa de Fe... Read More