FL -Surgery--Davis, Hamilton

Donna passing out some of our goodies to the childrenEveryone loves and appreciates Cindy soooo muchTransito gets a very special visit from a very special former patient, GabriellaA before look at Transito's backBattle of the StatesDr. Jones with some of the locals in the villages.  St. Johns UMC in Augusta, Ga provided the care kits for these patientsDr. Davis and TransitoA beautiful look at Transito's backOne of Friday's tours included a trip to Tikal to see the Mayan ruins.Tracy, the Team PhotographerBy the end of the day, Transito was up and walking with Carol and Arjun right by his sideJackie, Jessica, Martha, Dr. Cimino, Joan and C.J.Some had to work on Friday.  Dr. Davis posed with Maria from Wednesday and Transito From MondayDr. Rehnke and Dr. Nanda sewing the patient up after surgeryA beautiful look at Guatemala City from the AirTeam Photographer, Tracy with all the Doctors, Padre and MarthaThis sweet girl needed a little extra love todayAnother Ortho Surgical patient waiting patiently for a decisionWe were all so glad to have Dr. Nanda on our trip this yearMartha presented a check for over $2000 to Vera that will be shared with FIP and to help support a Child Care service for working womenAll the "boys" with Lady CarmenWhat a great looking "girl" teamAll children get a care kit, even if they are asleepAll the girls with Arjun, their "Boy Toy"Dr. Nanda and Team Administrator, Cindy discussing our plans for the dayOne special Surgical team, Ruthie, Dr. Nanda, Jessica, Dr. Rehnke and RuthSaturday......time to say GoodbyeJessica and CRNA Stephanie, talking to a patient about having a hernia repairEveryone helping to load the truck full of cratesC.J., Andrew and Ann say goodbye  Taking a much closer look at a patient s MRIGill and crew loading onto the bus to head to the AirportOne load of the medical carts on its way to the truckThe PT team and Pastor, Bruce praying with a young paralized patient that will be having further spinal surgery this weekPastor Bruce praying for the team one last time before everyone goes their seperate waysThe Florida Team waiting in line to get checked in at the airportGoodbye Guatemala, Hello USAPT, Carol meeting a very special girl named Maria with scoliosis that will be having spinal surgery on Thursday  Martha and Mother Josefa from La Comunidad TrinitariaAnother beautiful scene at the hospitalDr. Hamilton, Martha, Carol and a patient that we performed a hip replacement on last yearA beautiful stain glass window at the ObrasOne of our friends that lives at the ObrasAdministrative Assistant Anne, PA Cynthia, and Chef Andrew cooking up our first meal at the QuintaOur Limo to AntiguaAntigua s beautiful volcanosPT Carol and Dr. Hamilton love each other so muchCRNA Stephanie and Dr. Rehnke s patient, Tifany before she had an inguinal hernia repairThe crew loading up the luggage and bags onto our LimoCRNA Ruthie with TifanyNurse Jessica getting Tifany ready for surgeryAn xray of Dr. Davis patient, Transito that has severe scoliosisDr. Rehnke giving a helping handJill checking on Transito before being put to sleepAnother Friday Adventure was to go to San Jose', Guatemala to go Deep Sea Fishing.  Cynthia, Dale, Greg and Gill were on one boatDr. Nanda and son Arjun getting ready for their first caseTracy, Andrew, Dr. Rehnke, Doug and Pablo were on the 2nd boat  Dr. Hamilton performing a Left total hip replacementCRNA Stephanie taking care of Dr. Nanda s patientCynthia caught a beautiful dolphinDr. Davis performing surgery on Transito s crooked spineGreg caught a dolphin also (or called a Dorado or a Mahi-Mahi)Dr. Nanda is ready for his first rideThe first picture of Transito s spineDr. Rehnke s patient, Ingrid that needed a biopsy of an intraoral massCRNA Ruthie putting Ingrid to sleep for her surgeryDr. Rehnke, Dr. Nanda, Ruth and Ruthie.....All hands were needed for this very delicate surgerIngrid after her oral mass removalThe beginnings of Transito s miraculous straitening of his spine with new hardwareDr. Nanda, Arjun and Physican Assistant, Cynthia performing a Lap CholeGreg, Dale and GillDr. Rehnke and Ruth fixing a Right Inguinal HerniaPT Carol seeing a special patient Rosa before her Left Total Hip ReplacementIngrid in the recovery room with CarmenIngrid with Dolores, OR director at the ObrasOne final look at Transito s corrected spineTransito s Surgical team, Scrub Tech Dale, Dr. Chip Davis and Dr. Edgar RosalesCarol praying with Rosa before being put to sleepCarol got to scrub in for Rosa s surgery with Dr. HamiltonKathy was taking very good care of TransitoNurse Donna and CarolThe 2 Physical Therapists, Carol and LindyDr. Hamilton was enjoying his Monday night pork dinnerTeam 136 enjoying dinner in Casa 5.....it rained every night at dinner timeWhat a good looking team 136 is!Dr. Hamilton and Carmen were making rounds Tuesday morning on Hip Replacement patient, RosaDr. Nanda was checking up on Hernia repair patient, Tifany that stole everyone s heartDr. Rehnke was checking on Ingrid the day after her oral mass surgeryMartha giving Transito some extra TLC the day after surgery.Patient, Blanca that has had a previous back surgery and needed her hardware removed due to the pain that is was causing for her to sit in her wheelchair.Jill was getting Blanca ready for surgeryA picture of Blanca s hardware protruding out of her spinePhysican Assistant.......I mean Dr. CynthiaRecovery room nurse, Jackie taking good care of a patient post surgeryThe ortho crew hard at work taking good care of BlancaDr. Hamilton performing a total hip replacementHello to Tom and DonnaPT, Lindy was assisting Dr. Hamilton by hammering the hip bone with a malletHola JuanMartha and daughter, Jessica on their way to Casa de FeDr. Rehnke and PA Cynthia performing a Lap Chole (removal of a gallbladder)Dr. Davis after Blanca s hardware removalAnother look at Blanca s back after the hardware was removedNew 2nd assistant Jessica helping Dr. Nanda with a hernia repairJessica, Dr. Nanda and Donna taking good care of our patientThe things you will do around here to get a cell phone signalDr. Pegg and crew trying to put in a spinal for a patient to have a hernia repairDr. Rehnke and daughter, Liz getting ready for surgeryDr. Rehnke and Liz were removing a large mass from a patient s wristDr. Liz cutting the mass off of the wristThis patient was getting double the care....Dr. Rehnke and Liz were removing the large wrist mass and Dr. Nanda and Jessica were fixing his herniaJob well done, Doctors RehnkeLiz cutting in the mass that was removed from the wristTracy and LizLiz, Tracy and Jessica....the 3 amigasThe Dental Team, Dr. Cimino, Rosa from the Hobras, Joan and SusanDr. Cimino performing oral surgeryDinner at a wonderful Italian Restaurant on Saturday nightSunday Morning ServiceSunday Morning worship service led by Pastor Bruce ReynoldsCynthia and assistant, Pastor Bruce finishing upJessica and Dr. Rosales dancing to the sound of the beatOne of the new Operating Rooms at the Obras HospitalPatients patiently waiting their turn to see on of the DoctorsDr. Rehnke and CRNA Ruthie talking with a surgical patientThe cooking crew.....Anne, Cj, JoAnne and AndrewWe all celebrated Jessica s birthday at Tuesday night s dinnerLinda and Liz Rehnke entering all of the patients informationThe PT crew getting started on Wednesday morningAnother 12 year old scoliosis patient, Maria showing her crooked back before her surgeryPatient Maria posed for a picture with Team Photographer Tracy before she went to sleepDr. Davis making some final marks on Maria s spinal xrayMaria s crooked spine before surgeryMaria s back before surgeryDr. Davis working very delicately on Maria s spineDr. Pegg giving Maria the care that she needsMaria s spine before surgeryCarol and Arjun saying good morning to Transito Wednesday morningTransito wasn t having a very good morning today....he was having alot of pain and couldn t stand for very longEarly morning wasn t that good for Blanca either...she was also in alot of pain and really didn t want to be botheredBlanca didn t give up and agreed to sit in her wheelchair for a whileMaria s new straightened spine with all new hardwareMaria s new back after her spinal operation...what a change!By the end of the day, Blanca was all smiles and roaming aroud the hospital for some time out of bed and to get some fresh airDr. Rehnke and Dr. Nanda performing a repair of a herniated esophagusThe Physical Therapy team praying with a patient and her family.Pator Bruce watching Dr. Rehnke and Dr. Nanda performing very delicate surgeryDr. Rehnke and Dr. Nanda checking everything out during the procedureBlanca was all smiles for a visit with Dr. DavisPT, Carol praying with a very emotional and gracious patientCarol checking out the legs of a little girl that has alread had back surgery numerous times, and doesn t have feeling in her feet.The Ortho Crew  Juan, Dr. Davis, Dr. Rosales, Dr. Hamilton and Randy  A 2nd patient named Maria getting ready for her scoliosis spinal surgery on ThursdayMaria's pre-op xrayA closer look at Maria's SpineAndrew watching Dr. Davis and Dr. Rosales performing a very delicate surgery on MariaThe girls checking on The Grill Master, AndrewRuth, Tracy and Dr. Nanda removing a mass from a patient's backTracy closing up the patient after her mass removalCRNA, Tom getting all of his patient s historyGrill Master, Andrew and Cynthia closing up a patient after a Lap CholeDonna had to keep up with all of the Ortho SurgeriesDr. Davis making decisions about a patientA closer look at Maria's corrected spineTransito's post-op xray......WOW!! what a changeSome of the team went to Santo Domingo to eat on Thursday nightWhat a precious faceAndrew with his catchCynthia, Greg, Dale and Gill heading homeFriday Night' banquet was held at the La Casade Los SuenosLiz found a new friendDr. Davis, Juan, Mike, Dale3, Arjun and Randy relaxing after a long week of surgeriesThe Girls, Ruthie, Kathy and Cindy relaxingDr. and Mrs. Gonzales were greeted by Vera Wiatt and PadreWe all know how to eat good in AntiguaSpecial recognition went to DeloresDr. Hamilton and Gill with a former patient, Edwin coming back for a check-upDr. Hamilton, Dr. Davis, Dr. Rehnke, Padre and translator Martha getting ready for the certificate celebrationThe entire Team 136

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Friday, June 9, 2006 Team members will be splitting up into groups to go hiking, deep sea fishing, shopping in a village across a lake, volcano tour or lunch at a very beautiful Hotel, Santo Domingo. The end of the week banquet will be tomorrow night and then we will be heading back to the... Read More
Thursday, June 8, 2006 Greetings from Guatemala. This team has been so busy that we have hardly had a chance to sit down to breathe. The days have been long and hard working at the Obras Hospital. Tuesday, we performed around 20 cases between all of the doctors. The OR was very busy all day... Read More
Tuesday, June 6, 2006 Greetings from Guatemala. We had such a busy but very blessed day Monday in the OR at the Obras. Dr. Davis started with a 13 year old named Transito that had severe scoliosis. We have followed him since Sunday and have kept up with his progress. It was a 5 hour surgery... Read More
Sunday, June 4, 2006 Team 136 has arrived safely in Guatemala. We traveled to Antigua late yesterday afternoon, then toured the Casa de Fe (House of Faith), which is where some of the patients and a family member will stay before and after surgery if time is needed once they are discharged... Read More