Uthlaut/Van Osdall Surgery

The team in front of Hospital Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro. 4/22/06George & Marilyn Uthlaut, John (not shown) & Gay Van Osdall, and Bob & Marilyn Ewing coordinated and facilitated for us to have a successful trip.Because Faith in Practice has an ongoing mission and partnership with the Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro Hospital, this child with cleft lip and palate in the orphanage should be able to receive surgery by another team of medical specialists to follow.Dos HermanosAna Blickwede, one of the team translatorsThe Casa de Fe provides a much needed comfortable place to stay and before and after surgery for patients and their families who have traveled to the hosptial.  It was made possible by Faith In Practice.Women's dormitory for hospital patients and families at Casa de FeWall recognizing sponsor support to Faith in Practice at the Casa de Fe.Johnnie Mcgill with Our trusty steed, the "Chicken bus."Part of the team went to dinner in Antigua at Las Palomas the first night, 4/22/06.  Shown in front are Christina Cohen & Randy Hartline.Faith in Practice raised funds to renovate this operating room.Cathy Sims inventorying medicines with Cindy Augustine & Suzanne Tancock.Making the Alfombras, which means 'the carpet' on the parade street. Theses are made of painted sawdust, seeds, pine needles, flowers and other natural materials.The children at the orphanage craved our attention.Ladies in traditional clothing march in the processional.Sherrie Loveday & Sandra  WellsTwo of our translators, Sara Glover & Diana MaganaMichael Doody & Randy Hartline remove an ovarian cystMichael Doody & Randy Hartline at workDavid Harrell & Sherry LovedayGreg Glover in surgery with head nurse Dolores SiemPatients waiting to be examinedKathy Sims & Michael Doody examining an X-ray during triage.Fray Jose Contran is recognized for the hospital's partnership with Faith in Practice.Kim Boshears holding a child from the orphanage.Residents of the Obras shown waiting for processional honoring the 25th anniversary of Hermano Pedro s work with the hospital.Parade honoring Hermano PedroCathedral in the central park of Antigua.Morning Devotional in patio house of the hotel grounds.David Harrell with a surgery patientPatient is comforted with prayer in the post-operating room.Toni Doody observes patient in the post-op room.Patients are cared for by team 135 in the post-operating room.Sisters Johnnie Mcgill & Faye O'Neal with Suzanne Tancock (middle) in the OR facility.Fray Jose Contran with Vera WiattTony Doody & Jennifer Wallace ride a tuctuc.Jo ann Malmin monitors patient in post-op.Toni Doody, Jennifer Wallace & Sarah GloverTwo patients enjoy each others company before surgery.Cathy Sims, Ana Blickwede, Cindy Augustine and Suzanne Tancock are shown waiting at the airport.The bus ride to AntiguaChild with a superman smile at the Obras Social del Hermano Pedro Orphanage.Suzanne Tancock and Cindy Augustine in a courtyard during hospital tour.Sherrie Ann Loveday, Christina Cohen and Kimberly Boshears unpacking suppliesDedication of the new operating room facilityLas Alfombras, 'the rugs' were made on the streets of the parade route.George & Dorothy Uthlaut with our friends Martin &  Deborah Hofman from England.  They met Vera Wiatt at the airport and joined our team for the week and have contributed in numerous ways.Marilyn Ewing, Dorothy Uthlaut & Deborah Hofman buying groceries to make soup for the Casa de Fe.Our wonderful team chefs, Ray & Barbara McLaughlin

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Friday 4/28/06 The doctors and translators made morning rounds to check on the recovery of the patients who had received surgery. The care they received will continue through the hospital staff in the recovery rooms and through the Casa de Fe. The mission team successfully completed 56... Read More
Thursday 4/27/06 The team accomplished 8 gynecological surgeries and 6 general surgeries on Thursday. The hospital staff at the Obras has been very helpful and accommodating in meeting our surgical mission. It has been a rewarding experience for us all to be able to help the Guatemalan people... Read More
Wednesday 4/26/06 We started the day off with a light breakfast at the McLaughlin casita followed by a short devotional. As usual, we walked down the picturesque cobblestone streets to the Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro Hospital. And as usual, Clara and the three other local women in... Read More
Tuesday 4/25/06 The morning devotionals have been uplifting and have helped us to keep our focus on the mission here. The doctors made rounds with the patients from the surgeries of the day before. There were 8 gynecological surgeries and 6 general surgeries performed on Tuesday. The team had... Read More
Monday 4/24/06 Today was the first day of surgery for the team in the recently renovated OR facility. The rooms were larger and the equipment upgraded which greatly aided the team’s ability to perform the work. The hospital staff was very accommodating to the Faith In Practice team and... Read More
Sunday 4/23/06 We awoke early for light breakfast. Jim McNaull led us in a Sunday morning praise and worship service in the open air patio in the beautifully landscaped grounds of our hotel. We soon headed over to the hospital for a full day of triage. The clinical patients were examined and... Read More