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May 23rd Today we performed many more surgeries in order to bring relief to the people of Guatemala. Everyone has been so wonderful and kind to us. When people learn that we are part of Faith in Practice, the eagerly thank us for helping their people. This has been a changing experience, and... Read More
May 22nd We are working really hard here helping all of these wonderful people. The staff and doctors and nurses had an excellent and very successful first day of surgery today. We look forward to helping many more people throughout the rest of the week. Everyone is very excited and full of... Read More
May 21st Today was our first day of actual work. Triage seemed to be organized chaos at best, but we were able to examine the patients, determine their illnesses, and help them in the best possible way.
May 20th Today we arrived in Guatemala City and after boarding a bus with interesting suspension, we made our way to Antigua. We took a tour or Casa de Fe, where we had a very nice lunch After a good night’s sleep, I’m sure we’ll all be ready to help as many people as possible in triage... Read More