Welcome to Guatemala!

Posted on: 04/06/2019

Author: Jamie Beckerman

Today our 39 (?) volunteers spent their first full day in Guatemala in the town of Antigua, which is a small city surrounded by volcanoes that is rich in culture and, coincidentally, currently full of celebration for the Lent season. 

In the morning we visited Casa de Fe, aka House of Faith. Casa de Fe is a guest house run by Faith In Practice that serves as a haven for recovering surgical patients and their families who travel long distances for care. Since the opening in 2003, visitors have found clean beds, received hot meals, and recovered in the safety of Casa de Fe. They can stay there for as long as they need until they are strong enough to return home. As of 2015, Casa de Fe has provided over 170,000 beds nights for Guatemalan patients and their families, who find rest and healing at this save haven.

In the afternoon, part of the group enjoyed a cultural walking of Antigua where we walked through ruins at the colonial museum Casa Santo Domingo and learned about Mayan jade at the local factory. The rest of the group visited a coffee farm, Filadelfia, and learned everything from how coffee grows to how it’s roasted and packaged. 

We ended the evening on the beautiful rooftop terrace of Los Tres Tiempos restaurant where we swapped stories from the day and got to know each better over a traditional Guatemala meal. 

Tomorrow we travel to Chicaman, which will be our home base for the remainder of our mission trip.