Posted on: 11/06/2019

Author: Martina Robinson

5:45- Today’s morning devotion centered around when problems have no good outcome how instead of pushing oneself further from God one can view it as an opportunity to trust fully that everything that happens in life happens for a reason

7:00- Boarded buses and headed for the first time to San Marco Del Palmera, a small village about 45 minutes outside of Retalhuleu.

7:45- The team unpacked all of our supplies and set up the clinic inside the local school. Big thanks to the Guatemalan Faith In Practice team and local volunteers for helping with the loading and unloading of supplies from the previous village the night before.

9:00- Triage begins seeing its first patients. It’s important to note that this village has a higher poverty rate due to its location. San Marcos Del Palmera is surrounded by “fincas” or plantations. Many locals work at these plantations

doing hard manual labor and receiving very little money in return.

16:45- The clinic sees the last patients for the day and boards the buses for the ride back to the hotel. Tomorrow will be our last day of the clinic and there is much excitement about what may be in store.