Tuesday - Serving with Compassion

Posted on: 04/24/2018

Author: Pelton, Joyce A

Team Johnson showed up bright and early for the second day at San Francisco El Alto. The line outside the site of the clinic looked a little shorter than Monday. But as we walked into the clinic, we realized it was actually much longer as hundreds of people were already in the site waiting for us. It was going to be a full day for Team Johnson.

Juan was having trouble with his vision. The doctors evaluated him and felt the best they could do was to prescribe strong reading glasses. The strongest glasses in the pharmacy were not as strong as the doctors wanted. But when Juan tested the glasses, he was very happy - they were just what he needed. With the new reading glasses, he could once again read his bible.

Dr. Susan was examining an older lady who complained of pain and discomfort in her lower legs. Her lower legs were very swollen. The answer was compression socks. Unfortunately, there were none available anywhere in the area. Dr. Susan had just the answer. She sat down, pulled off her own brightly colored compressions socks and gave them to the lady. (Dr. Susan always wears them when traveling.) Her only request was that the lady wash the socks before wearing them.

One mother carried her sick son in her arms for 1.5 hours from her home to the clinic so the son could be treated. The child weighed almost 50 pounds and the mother might have weighed 100 pounds. Another great example of the love a mother has for her child, and a great example of the impact of the Faith In Practice teams. 

After two days in San Francisco El Alto, it was time to pack our supplies, load them on the truck, and move to our next location. A lot of wonderful memories were created in this beautiful village.