Trip 189, Post 4

Posted on: 05/08/2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008 ’Be with us as a companion who walks with us, neither behind nor in front’ Gracias by Henriy Nouwen

Last night during dinner, Dr. Daryl Scott shared his experiences visiting the AIDS orphanage in Guatemala. While viewing pictures of the children when they had first arrived, he was so touched by the difference in their current appearance due to the wonderful care they are recieving.

Today is our last day working in the Obras. We are reminded about the story of the young boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. Although, as far as the eye could see, thousands of starfish lay on the sand, he continued. We know the needs in Guatemala are great, and they will continue to be great once we leave. However, we also know that we have changed the lives of our patients seen this week, and they have greatly impacted us in return.

In addition to those mentioned above, we are gratful for Dr. Toyin Olutoye’s Anesthesia skills, Julie Doyle and Sherry Allen’s nursing abilities, Sue Stringer’s nursing skills and humor, Tria Scott’s wonderful photography, Robyn Webb and Ruth Hamilton’s coordination, Laura Jeffries helping the OR nursing staff, Glora Gonzales’s dental skills, Megan Heller’s translation and singing, Julie Good and Leticia Ramirez’s Physical Theraphy abilities, Mary Power assisting PT and helping with triage, Luis Vallejo’s translation and stylish scrub coordinations, and Valentina Echeverri’s translation and help at the Casa de Fe.

Blessings, Team 189