Trip 149, Post 3

Posted on: 03/06/2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hola again!

Day 2 in the village of Bortadera. A rather beautiful setting with a very large church sitting on a hill with a 360 degree view all around of the surrounding valleys and mountaintops. The church where we set up our clinic is a work in progress. This is our third year in a row and there has been a little progress every year. One of the latest features was a real toilet in a small outhouse type structure. Last year it was a toilet set on top of a hole in the dirt with curtains all around it. This is a huge church and must bring many people from miles around this very rural area.

After another great breakfast and devotional we set out again, arriving around 8:30 am. Again setting up was easy, since we had been there before.

It was almost like it was choreographed and we all knew where to go and what to do.

We started with the de-worming station with Loretta’s volunteers, then triage with Andrea, Susan and BeeLou, then Doreen and Mike made a staging area so they could escort our patients to the appropriate providers. Today, we had Maggie, Franco, Pogo with Sergio, Kathryn with Susan, Cottie, Paul and David seeing patients, while Larry helped Bob with the referral process.

Of course, everyone ends up at the pharmacy where myself (Nora), Mo and Andrea dispensed meds, while Bill, Marilyn and Marianne filled them and the ever important translators – mostly Linda did patient teaching. We had many other helpers throughout the day when things got bogged down. Bob, along with his logistics job helped us as well as Beelou and Franco and even our police officers got right in their helping translate and instruct patients.

And of course our local Guatemalan men who kept things in order using a number system, keeping papers organized and calling out numbers with enthusiasm when the meds were ready.

For the stats, we saw a total of 454 patients with 50 dental and 40 referrals. Bob W. in dental couldn’t even remember how many teeth he and Bill pulled. Vicky, Nicole and Richard were there right along with them assisting.

Karen, Pat and Melody took a ton of blood pressures and blood glucose finger sticks for their research project and are very excited to analyze their data.

The VIA Cryo team (Susan, Nancy, Peter, Joseph and Larry H.) screened well over 100 patients as well as helped teach several local physicians and midwives the VIA Cryo process. John was able to get one anesthesia machine running and I understand they hope to do some surgeries on Thursday.

Another very successful and rewarding day. Thanks for the careful driving by Pablo and Joe. One of the highlights, at least in the pharmacy was a 97 year old gentleman (incredibly healthy) who came for reading glasses.

Marianne fixed him up with some cool looking specs and he was so pleased to be able to see close up that he was all smiles! We hope you enjoy our photos attached.

Buenos Noches,

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