Trip 148, Post 3

Posted on: 03/05/2007

Monday 3/5, we’re eager and ready for our first day of procedures at the Obras. After our morning devotional, team members march off to Hermano Pedro to meet the challenges of the day. The sun is up, and the city is coming to life. We move through throngs of school children walking to class and the locals heading to their jobs throughout the city. As we pass bikes and busses filled with commuters from the surrounding villages we’re excited to get our week started as well.

Paul and the Pre-Op team prep the patients and their families spiritually and physically for today’s surgeries while the docs discuss their cases and the nurses set up the OR’s. The surgeries always begin with the youngest patients, and in no time everyone is under way. As an experienced team, along side Dolores’ capable staff, everyone works together to provide our patients with a quality experience. All challenges are met by the team with a smile and the determination to smoothly integrate the inevitable variables back into the schedule.

At the end of our first day, the group wearily shuffles home to find great food waiting for them, as the Cooking team has been hard at it preparing snacks and a "typical" Guatemalan meal. We again share many the experiences and stories of the lives we’ve touched today, and remember how our patients and their loved ones have left us equally enriched.