Trip 145, Post 2

Posted on: 02/17/2007

Saturday, Feb 17, 2007

While our day began early, it was a wonderful morning to wake up to the sounds of the ever faithful rooster behind the Hotel Catalina, the ringing of the arch bell, and the beginning of the awakening sounds of Antigua. As is always the practice of our groups, we started our morning with singing and worshiping, remembering the ever faithfulness of our Lord. Before the start of our tour and orientation at the Obras, we made a hotel transfer to the Quita del Flores, and were able to spend a little time with many of the volunteers from Team 144, who also were from Savannah. The addition of the 5 Garden Rooms at the Quinta has just added to the beauty of the hotel grounds. Many of our volunteers were excited at the remodeling that was done to the kitchen and dining area - many wonderful meals will be served to us during the week from this new kitchen!

Walking to the Obras, we all gathered for a team photograph taken by the Padre - what a site it was to see him with all our cameras dangling from his arm as he took a picture with about a dozen of our cameras.

A tour of the Obras allowed us to see the marvelous renovations done to the center. The new OR’s were manificent! We knew that many surgeries would be done in these new OR’s over the next week. We saw many of the Obra’s long-term residents that we had grown to know and over the years. The care that these residents receive by the Obra staff is heart-warming to all. Many of out team participated on the Triage and the afternoon Village meeting, to plan and prepare for the multitude of patients that we knew we would see on Sunday Triage as well as as in the villages during the week.

We each know that our experiences this week will always remain in our hearts as we walk this remarkable journey, using the talents and skills that the Lord has provided to us.