Trip 143, Post 2

Posted on: 02/06/2007

Trip 143, TUESDAY:

The bus is rowdy in the morning. During the 2-3 hour bus ride from Lake Atitlan to the village school-turned-into-clinic, people are laughing, talking, sharing stories. The ride home is more quiet, a result of both exhaustion and reflection.

We saw many patients again today. The oldest we’ve seen was 99 years old, the youngest 10 days old. Many walk a long distance for the free medical and dental care offered by Faith in Practice, and they arrive barefoot or wearing ill-fitting shoes of all kinds and styles.

The staff, working through Faith in Practice translators as well as local translators (from English to Spanish to Quiche’ and back), provide wonderful care in our temporary clinic. The cases that can’t be handled on site are referred to Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro in Antigua.

A tiny 10-month-old was one of those the doctors referred today. The baby weighed only four pounds.

Quote of the Day: "When you leave, there’s always one patient who sticks in your mind."

Alma Olson, Guatemalan Volunteer with Faith in Practice